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Krystal (krystal_f) | 1609 comments Elle girl has teamed up with Target and they have an awesome giveaway.

"Enter our Twilight Eclipse + Target giveaway, and you could be the lucky winner of some seriously covetable prizes including The Twilight Saga: Eclipse DVD (to be released December 4). Target’s throwing in a set of Bella Bedding so you can snuggle up in bed while enjoying your favorite movie and munching on some Archer Farms trail mix, also included in the prize pack. And there’s more! A Remington Printed straightener and blow dryer and a Burt’s Bees manicure set top off the grand prize. Enter now!"

For the details visit here:
ElleGirl Eclipse Giveaway

P.S. The website says the winners will be drawn Nov 3rd but that had to be a type since the article was released Nov 2. They must mean December 4th.

Good luck!

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Shwetika It's a cool thing .

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