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message 1: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Lewis (josephrobertlewis) I'd like to tell everyone about my new novel, Heirs of Mars.

Heirs of Mars by Joseph Robert Lewis

Inspired in part by the works of Charles Stross and Michael Flynn, Heirs of Mars explores the grim life of the beleaguered descendants of ambitious Martian colonists, as well as topics such as artificial intelligence and neural cloning.

The dream that was Mars has become a nightmare for the children born there.

To save New Troy from falling birth rates, Asher Radescu secretly clones people in the back of his old truck. To save New Troy from despair, Claudia Cruz hosts the most popular racing show on two worlds. And to save the city from destruction, they’ll rally persecuted cloners, resurrected colonists, and racing celebrities to fight homicidal AIs.

Heirs of Mars follows the lives of six men and women through the final days of the first war on Mars, a war between humans, machines, and the resurrected souls who aren’t truly one or the other.

But even if they survive the war, there is no escape from the red planet.


message 2: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Lewis (josephrobertlewis) Hey folks, I'm running a little promotional event this week. If you'd like to get a free copy of Heirs of Mars, head over to my blog to get the details and the coupon code for your free ebook: http://josephrobertlewis.wordpress.co...

message 3: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Lewis (josephrobertlewis) Hey folks, Motherlode just posted a review of Heirs of Mars:

"...a good read for anyone who likes speculative science fiction, and for anyone who thinks about the future of machines and clones, and what it will mean for the human race. 4 /5 stars"

Read it here: http://gracekrispy.blogspot.com/2010/...

message 4: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Lewis (josephrobertlewis) To celebrate the holidays, Heirs of Mars is now available everywhere for only $0.99 for the month of December:




message 5: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Lewis (josephrobertlewis) As I explore Goodreads, I just keep finding more great features. You can now read my entire novel for free in the Goodreads ereader in your browser.

Just click the green "Read now" button on the page for Heirs of Mars

You can also find 2 short stories (preludes to Heirs of Mars) on my author page, Joseph Robert Lewis.

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