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message 1: by Trisha (new)

Trisha | 5 comments I decided to move my authors and series over to here so that I can have them all under one list!

My 3 favorite authors are Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and John Saul. I seem to have a shelf dedicated to each of them, so here are their books that I am planning to get through:

Stephen King:
Salem's Lot
The Shining
The Stand
The Dead Zone

The Dark Tower Series:
The Gunslinger
The Drawing of Three
The Wastelands
Wizard and Glass
Wolves of the Calla
Song of Susannah
The Dark Tower

Different Seasons
Pet Sematary
Cycle of the Werewolf
The Talisman
Skeleton Crew
The Eye of the Dragon
The Tommyknockers
Dark Visions
The Dark Half
Four Past Midnight
Needful Things
Geralds Game
Dolores Claiborne
Nightmares and Dreamscapes
Rose Madder
Bag of Bones
Storm of the Century
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
Hearts in Atlantis
Secret Window
Black House
From a Buick 8
Everythings Eventual
The Colorado Kid
The Secretary of Dreams
Lisey's Story
Duma Keys
Just After Sunset
The Long Walk
Road Work
The Running Man
The Regulators

Boy, he sure wrote a lot of books....

Dean Koontz:
Night Chills
The Vision
The Face of Fear
The Key to Midnight
The Voice of the Night
The Funhouse
The Mask
The Eyes of Darkness
The House of Thunder
Twilight Eyes
The Door to December
The Servants of Twilight
The Bad Place
Cold Fire
Mr. Murder
Dragon Tears
Winter Moon
Dark Rivers of the Heart
Strange Highways
Tick Tock
Demon Seed
Sole Survivor
Fear Nothing
Seize the Night
False Memory
From the Corner of his Eye
By the Light of the Moon
The Face
Odd Thomas
The Taking
Life Expectancy
Forever Odd
The Husband
Brother Odd
The Good Guy
The Darkest Evening of the Year
Odd Hours
In Odd We Trust
The Frankenstein Series

John Saul:
Suffer the Children
Punish the Sinners
Cry for the Stranger
Comes the Blind Fury
When the Wind Blows
The God Project
The Unwanted
The Unloved
Second Child
The Homing
Black Lightning
The Blackstone Chronicles
The Presence
The Right Hand of Evil
Manhattan Hunt Club
Midnight Voices
Black Creek Crossing
Perfect Nightmare
In the Dark of the Night
The Devil's Labrynth
Faces of Fear
House of Reckoning

message 2: by Trisha (new)

Trisha | 5 comments Here are my lists of series that I plan to work my way through:

Anne Rice
The Vampire Chronicles:
1. Interview with a vampire
2. The Vampire Lestat
3. Queen of the Damned
4. The Tale of the Body Thief
5. Memnoch the Devil
6. The Vampire Armand
7. Merrick
8. Blood and Gold
9. Blackwood Farm
10. Blood Canticle

The Mayfair Chronicles:
1. The Witching Hour
2. Lasher
3. Taltos

New Tales of the Vampires:
1. Pandora
2. Vitorio

Anne McCaffery (Dragonriders of Pern series)
1. Dragonflight
2. Dragonquest
3. Dragonsong
4. Dragonsinger
5. Dragondrums
6. The White Dragon
7. Moreta
8. Nerilka's Story
9. Dragonsdawn
10. The Chronicles of Pern
11. The Impression
12. The Smallest Dragonboy
13. The Girl Who Heard Dragons
14. The Renegades of Pern
15. All the Weyrs of Pern
16. The Dolphins of Pern
17. Dragonseve
18. The Masterharper of Pern
19. Runner of Pern
20. The Skies of Pern
21. Ever the Twain
22. Dragons Kin
23. Beyond Between
24. Dragons Blood
25. Dragons Fire
26. Dragon Harper

Dragonlance Chronicles:
1. Dragons of Autumn Twilight
2. Dragons of Winter Night
3. Dragons of Spring Dawning
4. Time of the Twins
5. War of the Twin
6. Test of the Twins
7. Dragons of the Dwarven Depths
8. Dragons of the Highlord Skies
9. Second Generation
10. Dragons of Summer Flame
11. The Dawning of a New Age
12. The Day of the Tempest
13. The Eve of the Maelstrom
14. Downfall
15. Betrayal
16. Redemption
17. Dragons of a Fallen Sun
18. Dragons of a Lost Star
19. Dragons of a Vanished Moon
20. Amber and Ashes
21. Amber and Iron
22. Amber and Blood
23. The Legend of Huma
24. Stormblade
25. Weasel's Luck
26. Kaz the Minotaur
27. The Gates of Thorbardin
28. Galen Beknighted
29. Chosen of the Gods
30. Divine Hammer
31. Sacred Fire
32. The Raistlin Chronicles
33. Tales
34. Elven Nations
35. Dwarven Nations
36. Kang's Regiment
37. The Defenders of Magic

message 3: by Lisarenee (last edited Nov 02, 2010 04:41PM) (new)

Lisarenee | 7659 comments I like your list Trisha. I was thinking of reading some Anne Rice. Let me know which ones you like the most when you get through them. Doesn't one of her series deal with witches?

message 4: by Trisha (new)

Trisha | 5 comments yep! The Mayfair Witches. I finished the first book and loved it!

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