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message 1: by Ronyell (new)

Ronyell (rabbitearsblog) | 739 comments Mod
This book is about a blind man named Gabriel who starts to fall in love with his nurse named Samantha, who starts seeing Gabriel's true nature. Tell us what you liked or hated about this book!

message 2: by Heather (new)

Heather | 23 comments It has been a while but I really liked this one and I enjoyed the 'twist' at the end..

message 3: by Ronyell (new)

Ronyell (rabbitearsblog) | 739 comments Mod
Me too!! I never would have suspected that Samantha would reveal her secret in that manner! I was just so stunned by the huge twist at the end of the book! What did you think about Gabriel? I really liked Gabriel because not only was he handsome, but he's one of those heroes that is dedicated to his love for Samantha!

message 4: by Heather (new)

Heather | 23 comments Gabriel came off a real hero and that he truly loved Samantha..

message 5: by Ronyell (new)

Ronyell (rabbitearsblog) | 739 comments Mod
Yeah! That's what I really loved about Gabriel!

Carol Cork *Young at Heart Oldie* (httpsrakesandrascalswordpresscom) This is one of my all time favourite books. I thought Gabriel was a wonderful hero as well. I love the part where Gabriel is in bed and keeps deliberately ringing for her to do various things for him. It's so funny! My heart went out to him when he struggled to save Samantha demonstrating how much she meant to him. I agree the 'twist' ending was a surprise but it really worked.

message 7: by Ronyell (new)

Ronyell (rabbitearsblog) | 739 comments Mod
I agree also Carol that the ending twist worked out so well! Gabriel is seriously one of my all time favorite romance heroes!

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