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message 1: by Mike (the Paladin) (last edited Aug 28, 2013 09:05AM) (new)

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) I read this many years ago and while I remember the book I can't recall the title. The book concerns a man (as I recall older and a sort of "nasty" type) finds he shifts between this world and another. I believe it happens when he sleeps. There he inhabits a somewhat "ape-like" body, possibly Neanderthal (though I don't believe that he's ever actually identified as such). He takes control of the "Ape-like people" and begins to organize them into a sort of nation referring to books "here" while he's awake and in his human body. He is introducing advancements as needed.

His "tribe (?)" comes into conflict with a more "modern human tribe" (Cro-Magnon ?). He continues to introduce new advancements as needed to "out-compete" the others. They however manage to stay with or ahead of his people. I remember when the "Cro-Magnons" introduce archery. (view spoiler)

Okay...anyone recognize it? Thanks all.

message 2: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 40227 comments Mod
Mike, are you still searching for this book?

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) Yeah, I'd like to find it. I read it years ago.

message 4: by Feliks (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) I think I have this one pegged. Try it and see:

Giants in the Dust by Chad Oliver Giants in the Dust

Even the cover matches your characterization

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) Thanks, but that's not it. I can give one more thing about the particular paperback edition I had (though there may have been other editions). It had a chimp/man torso with the character looking straight at you.

Thanks. If I find it myself I'll try to remember to posy it here.

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6967 comments Mod
Mike--if you bump up your post once a month or so, it will keep people aware that you are looking for it so that if someone reads it, they'll go looking for your post.

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) Thanks. I went back and tried another web search for it, but still can't find just the right details to bring it up, LOL.

message 8: by Feliks (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) You're sure its not Zardoz?

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) No I read that back when. In that case I believe the book is actually a novelization of the movie.

This book takes place in the current timeline (as of a few years ago of course). I think the characters may have been in a university or something. Maybe one was. It seems the older man through who's eyes most of the story is told is wealthy and maybe has heart problems...but I'm not real sure about that part.

message 10: by Andy (new)

Andy Love | 2103 comments This sounds a little like "Elsewhen" by Robert Heinlein, in which a professor hypnotizes several people. One travels mentally to another world in which he occupies a troll-like body, and helps fight off an invading enemy. It's collected in Assignment in Eternity

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) No...thanks but not it. No hypnosis and it's not by Heinlein, I'd have remembered that. It's a novel that details the one guy leading the ape man tribe's development. He (the same character) noted the development of the other tribe.

Thanks anyway.

message 12: by Leigh (new)

Leigh (Paschendale) | 14 comments Is it from the Chronicals of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever, by Stephen Donaldson? I wanted to like this book, since it was well rated, but could just not get into it. My memory may be faulty, but the crossing over while sleeping jogs something and I wondered if this book was why.

message 13: by Thomas (new)

Thomas | 2 comments I read all the Thomas Covenant books and this story-line is not in them.

message 14: by Leigh (new)

Leigh (Paschendale) | 14 comments Sorry not to be more helpful. It does sound familiar but I can't drag it to mind. Maybe it will come to me.

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) Right Thomas. Sorry I can't come up with even a partial title or author. I think it might go all the way back to the '70s.

message 16: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

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Mike, still looking?

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) Still haven't found it. I remember the paperback had a sort of "apeman" bust on the cover. I'll stumble over it sooner or later I suppose.

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Mike, I'm copying and pasting the initial post from the new thread you started, and deleting the other thread. Please don't create duplicate threads as it gets way too confusing. Bookmark this thread so you don't lose track of it.

Human vs. Ape

Years ago i read a book concerning a protagonist who is a fairly cantankerous old guy, not very "nice" who when he sleeps he finds himself in the body of a man-like ape. he becomes the ruler of these "ape-men" and begins to introduce advances that allow them to conquer the area around him.

When he wakes he relates these dreams to a friend. He also believes they aren't dreams. Eventually the ape-men come in contact and conflict with human like people. They seem able to counter every new advancement he gives the ape people. He finally comes to the understanding that the leader of the humans is the one countering him.

In the climatic scene the "bad tempered" old man finds his friend (the one he's been telling everything) is having the same experience except he's the leader of the humans. The old man flys into a rage and dies, but he wakes in his ape body. the book ends with the conflict going on the old man/ape beginning to make cannon.

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) Okay.

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Mike (the Paladin) left the group. Moving to Abandoned.

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