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message 1: by Michelle (new) - added it

Michelle Stockard Miller (michelleamiller) | 6 comments I really want to read The Monk (Matthew Gregory Lewis) in January...anyone else?

message 2: by Amanda (last edited Oct 31, 2010 10:28AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amanda Me too, but it looks like we're being outvoted :P

Want to read I Robot in Feb too...

message 3: by Michelle (new) - added it

Michelle Stockard Miller (michelleamiller) | 6 comments The Monk took the lead for a while there, but... Darn it! I second I, Robot too!

message 4: by Aditya (new)

Aditya Hadi (adityahadi) | 4 comments why you really want to read it Michelle? any specific reason ?

message 5: by Michelle (new) - added it

Michelle Stockard Miller (michelleamiller) | 6 comments Oh, I just have heard it's really good...and I already own it!

Amanda Good as reason as any :P

I'm just curious, I have to admit...

Deanne | 682 comments Michelle
Read The Monk and I, Robot anyway, both are very good.
I've read so much of the list now that most of the time I've already read what the group are reading.

Amanda Michelle...if enough of us would prefer reading The Monk and I Robot, maybe we could read them instead of the official choices?

Amanda Looks like it could be The Monk anyway - it currently seems to be a tie!

message 10: by Michelle (new) - added it

Michelle Stockard Miller (michelleamiller) | 6 comments Yay...The Monk won the poll!!!

Amanda Already bought a copy for my Kindle :)

Silver | 312 comments I am quite intrigued by The Monk and I will look forward to reading it.

Judith (jloucks) | 1203 comments I'm in the middle of it and enjoying it very much!

message 14: by Lisa (new) - rated it 3 stars

Lisa (anzlitlovers) This is a very entertaining book with apparently some political overtones which I discovered by accident when I Googled the name of *um, avoiding a spoiler* the name of a creature in chapter 2. If interested, see points 5 & 6 here
NB I haven't read all of the paper myself so I don't know if there are spoilers in it, best to leave it till after you've read the story (I've noted it here now because I'd forget the URL if I didn't).

Kristi (kristicasey) This book is awesome! I finished it last night, and was just utterly blown away by all of it! I loved it from start to finish!

message 16: by Dlmoore83 (new) - added it

Dlmoore83 Moore | 1 comments i'm enjoying this book...and wouldn't have read it without this group! will post more when i finish it...

message 17: by Ali (new) - rated it 3 stars

Ali (alike) | 2 comments My goodness, this was a fun read. A little bit trashy and heavy on the religious symbolism. Thanks to the group for suggesting it - I probably wouldn't have thought about reading it otherwise.

message 18: by Michelle (new) - added it

Michelle Stockard Miller (michelleamiller) | 6 comments I'm still reading it. I hope I can finish it this week.

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