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What to read?

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message 1: by Terry (new)

Terry | 10 comments Mod
Ask for suggestions to add to your 'to read list.' Specify a genre you'd like to try. Describe things your interested in reading. What are a couple of books have you liked, what is one you've weren't able to read?

Then look over what others post, and email - through Goodreads - some suggestions to at least three people.

message 2: by Terry (new)

Terry | 10 comments Mod
I'm looking for something historical. I don't read much historical fiction, and I'd like to try that next. I tend to prefer male characters, but loved The Hunger Games, so can manage female characters if the book is good. I really don't like Gossip Girl's books, so strong plot is more important than relationships between characters. I'd prefer any excellent book.

message 3: by Christian (new)

Christian | 3 comments I enjoy the occasional comedy in ridiculous settings, but I mainly enjoy historically accurate plot driven books from the perspective of some one who lived through it. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass seems very interesting sense it is from the perspective of an African American during the civil rights moment.

message 4: by Drew (new)

Drew Dennis | 3 comments I'm looking for autobiographys for sports players that had an interesting career or is still playing. That or i like to read about sports books that are related to my life and what influence it has on others.

message 5: by Laceyy(: (new)

Laceyy(: Stultz (layceecaroline) | 3 comments I am looking for something real, something with real life situations mixed with situations kind of out of this world. I do prefer a girl main character, but having a male character wouldn't be terrible. A strong plot is really important to me, but so is character relationships. I really enjoyed North of Beautiful and would love a book kind of like that!

message 6: by Lacy (new)

Lacy | 6 comments I'm looking for something about drugs and sadness. I enjoy getting attached to my characters. Something about feeling the same way makes me keep reading. Handle with Care was like this, I was really attached to the main charcter willow, and her family. I felt like i was in the same situation. I really disliked Exit Here. something about reading pornography does not keep me interested. There is a level of disgust I just can't handle.

message 7: by Janca (new)

Janca (yancha) | 5 comments I like history and military books. Somthing with action and a good plot. I just finished reading Inferno, and it was good. I prefer civil war, or world war books.

message 8: by Anthony (new)

Anthony Silva (silva-ness) | 5 comments I really enjoy the realistic books that dont have boring parts in it. I just hate reading a book that is fake and caould never happen in real life. But I also like comedy books that make me laugh hard, but those books are very hard to come across. So basically I just need the perfect book or I will not like it. If I could recommend a book to anyone it would be Gym Candy, that book is great, and realistic.

message 9: by Victor (new)

Victor torres | 6 comments I'm looking for a book that make me Laugh, with mysteries! I don't like books that are slow unless they pick up quick after they start. Not a very very high leveled reader book. Subjects I like are Cars,Skateboards,Drugs,Demons,Fairytales,adventures.
Some books I've read city of bones, slam, small steps ,and street pharms.

message 10: by Kayla (new)

Kayla (Kayzey) | 2 comments I like books that draw me in and keep me in it until it's done. I like being attatched to the characters in stories I read. The books I like to read the most are the kind that are about teenagers and everything to do with their lives. The books that talk about drugs, drinking, and life struggles. Recommend some good ones?

message 11: by Beau (new)

Beau Tittensor | 7 comments I am looking for a comical, mystery, realilistic book. Something that is quick and is interesting, and not boring. I want a book that I can get into quick and finish. A book that I would recommend to read is twisted, its a good book and is more realilistic and related to a teenage boys life.

message 12: by Joel (new)

Joel Christian | 3 comments I'm looking for something fictional, preferably a lot of action. I'd also prefer a male character so I can relate at some point of his life to my life. I am currently reading The Last Thing I Remember and I'm enjoying it. I usually don't read this much but when I grabbed this book, my eyes just got glued to the book. So action-filled book would be my type.

message 13: by Jose (new)

Jose | 4 comments I enjoy reading fiction books. Something with alot of humor and that can sometimes relate to reality.

message 14: by Alejandro (new)

Alejandro | 5 comments I love reading horror books. A book with alot of action,blood,and guts sounds great to me. I loved the Demonata series by Darren Shan. Anything like that would be great.

message 15: by Yaya (new)

Yaya | 5 comments Well let's make this this clear and blunt, I like books that are reality. We don't live in a perfect world with no drugs, alcohol, drama, stereotypes,just basic all around problems. So happily ever after books to me are boring and fake. I enjoy reading a book that shows a window into a world I may not know, like Burnedby Ellen Hopkins.

message 16: by Khalid (new)

Khalid (CBooks) I enjoy biographys because i don't really enjoy to many fiction books. I need a more realistic plot because it keeps me more interested. The book im am reading is Young, Black, Rich, and Famous: The Rise of the NBA, the Hip Hop Invasion, and the Transformation of American CultureTodd Boydand i really like this book and it has interesting things that i can relate to.

message 17: by Tom (new)

Tom (Tominater) | 5 comments I am looking for books that are somewhat fast moving, Adventurous, and full of action. I enjoy reading the The Alex Rider Collection. That is only 3 of the 8 books in the set. I have also read and liked The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset. If you have any ideas or books that you have read that is somewhat along the lines of these, please send me a message with the name of the book and author. Thank you.

message 18: by Alex (new)

Alex Salazar | 4 comments My taste in books is really to picky, although I like shoot em' up book, suspenseful, action, and also the occasional comedy.
I would like to recommend Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers he is great at writing militia type books

message 19: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Yorks | 3 comments I tend to switch between fiction and non-fiction. I always like anything that has some action in it but it has to have a decent plot or I burn out on it fairly quickly. One book that liked that had both of these things was Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10 it has lots of action and a really good plot to back it up.

message 20: by Ariana (last edited Oct 22, 2010 10:36AM) (new)

Ariana | 10 comments I need a little help finding other books that i have previously read. Like Among the Hidden or So B. It. I liked how in both of these books they both talked about adventures that the characters take and their obstacles that they encounter and everything along the way. I would want to find similar books like this.

message 21: by Edgar (new)

Edgar | 2 comments Im currently reading an autobiography , but now Im looking forward to a fantasy/adventure book with alot of nonstop action. I never read a fantsy book that ever caught my full attention. I know there has to be one out there...

message 22: by Cody (new)

Cody Johnson | 5 comments I am really interested in the books that have to do with action, or a long story behind it. I'm not into books that are slow, for example, City of Bones This book always has something new going on.

message 23: by Ariana (new)

Ariana | 10 comments My favorite genres are Biographies, Historical Fiction, Romance, Autobiographies, and Non-Fiction too.

message 24: by Ariana (new)

Ariana | 10 comments I tried reading Forever, but I found that it was really slow and I wasn't liking how it explained what was really going on. So, I tried a different Romance novel, which my teacher recommended to me, called Anatomy of a Boyfriend. I ended up liking this book in the beginning but found that it happended to be really graphic and not the real type of Romance novel.

message 25: by Liyah (last edited Oct 22, 2010 10:42AM) (new)

Liyah T.  (liyahtbabii) | 5 comments I am looking for a book that pulls me in and engages me, a book that actually makes me want to read it, not because I have to but because of the fact that I want to. Let's get this straight though! I like books that tie into reality that you know possibly could happen in real life. NO Fake mystery made up fictional world type books because most of those books bore me. I like books that tell about life on the other side of things. So therefore, Please reccomend books to me that are somewhat like what I have described above.. ThankYou... Much Love

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