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message 1: by vicki_girl (last edited Oct 21, 2010 02:35PM) (new)

vicki_girl | 2765 comments The editions of "The Jungle Book" need some clean-up.

There are several editions of things like, "The Jungle Book and Kim", "The Jungle Book and Just So Stories", "The Jungle Book and The Wizard of Oz", mixed in with the main listing.

In addition, The Jungle Book was originally published in two parts (The Jungle Book and The Second Jungle Book). There seems to have been some combining of The First Jungle Book, or The Jungle Book Part 1, etc., with versions containing "The Two Jungle Books".

To make matters worse, sometimes the combined version is just called "The Jungle Book", sometimes "The Two Jungle Books", or "The Jungle Books". And then the First Jungle Book is sometimes called just "The Jungle Book".

This is too much for me to sort out right now. Anyone else want to take a crack at it?

message 2: by vicki_girl (last edited Oct 22, 2010 06:01AM) (new)

vicki_girl | 2765 comments I took a first cut at this. I separated out all "The Jungle Book" (singular) from "The Jungle Books" (plural), aka The Two Jungle Books.

Additional work is still needed.

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