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This is for all discussion regarding firearms. Gun control, enthusiasm, etc. Anything gun-related is encouraged.

Also, this is a discussion Nathan and I were having, but I decided to move it to this thread because I thought it would be more appropriate here.

Candace: Yep, yep. If I can pull a trigger faster than a guy can pounce, I'm gonna do it. But, then again, I'm 4'10", and would literally stand no chance if I tried to defend myself with my fists.

Nathan: Ha ha Candace. Well, apply for that pistol permit when you turn 21 ;-)

Candace: Actually, I already have one...and a Glock...and a Kimber 1911. I'm strapped all the time ;).

Candace: Yeah, I'm 24, I'm just extremely vertically challenged. :P

Nathan: Nice. I have a Glock 27. 1911 is going to be my next pistol purchase.

Candace: Gosh, I feel foolish; I can't remember which Glock I have. It's small (my size :P). The Kimber is really good. It has a grip safety and laser sights. I love it. I don't leave the house without it.

Nathan: 1911 is a big gun to carry. Of course you probably tote it, which guys can't do. What caliber is your Glock?

Candace: Yeah, I have a special compartment in my purse for it. Actually, it just about kicks my ass every time I shoot it, but I like knowing it's in my purse, just a few inches away if I need it.

Have you ever tried Smart Carry holsters? I don't know exactly how big they go, but I have one for my Glock so I can carry a gun without a purse. It's nearly indistinguishable under my clothes; which is kind of the point.

My Glock is a 27 and the caliber is .40.

Nathan: Glock 27...that's my baby. I love that gun. I actually have a .380 Ruger. Small, nice kick and is what I carry. I have a holster for the Glock but it is one of those paddle ones so it sticks out.

Candace: I have a paddle holster, too, and I hate wearing it because it prints like hell.
I also have a .357 mag revolver. It's my in-case-of-emergency weapon since firing it in my apartment would likely burst my eardrums. :P

Nathan: A fellow gun nut. How pleasant to find :-) I am looking at this awesome 12g double-barrel stagecoach gun for home defense. I love shotguns for some reason.

Candace: I've shot a double-barrel before, and I'm almost ashamed to admit, it kicked back on me and I fell on my ass. I had a huge bruise on my shoulder for a few days after. It was my first and only time shooting one.

Nathan: There is just something about them I love. They aren't practical because they are only two shots, but they just appeal to me for some reason.

Candace: Well, they're practical in the event of a home invasion because you don't have to be incredibly accurate with your shot. If you're even remotely close, your target should get some of the heat.

Candace: Nathan, I'm going to create a gun-related thread, so we won't be adding so many not-really-related posts to this thread. I'm going to post what we've already said in case anyone cares to read.

message 2: by Nathan (new)

Nathan My bet, we are the only two that post on here. Ha ha.

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Probably. But that's okay. At least it's somewhere to chat. I live in Southern Georgia (lots of hunting), so you'd think people would be cool to talk about firearms, but nope. They don't think they are 'safe'.

I love the quote from Jon Lajoie's song, "Guns don't kill people. Nu-uh. I kill people. With guns."

It just talks about how it isn't guns that aren't safe; it's the people using them. And the fact that they don't learn how to correctly use them.

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Baikal makes good, inexpensive double-barrels. Here is a link to the website.


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Nathan Funny, some of my friends dog me about them. My one friend says, "Dude, guns are used for killing people." Then I point out how he has a plethora of swords, throwing stars and other nonsense. I say, "What are those for?" It is funny, people act like if we didn't have guns, we wouldn't have war. Yup, because there was no war before guns came around.

Thanks for the link!

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I completely agree. People look at me like I'm strange for being into firearms and weapons in general; like it's wrong or something. The very first gun I ever bought was a Mosin Nagant. I've heard so many people talk about firearms related accidents and deaths, when really, it could have been prevented if people just learned how to handle a firearm properly.

message 7: by Nathan (new)

Nathan I completely agree. Firearms are safe when you know how to use them.

message 8: by Ross (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) Well guess what you two, you're not exactly alone anymore, ooh how rude of me, I hope you don't mind me butting in:p

But on the issue of owning Guns, on principle I'm against it, rights tend to be subjective, and when does defending your own right run the risk of infringing that of another? A gun like any weapon is potentially deadly both in the wrong and right hands, and with guns they tend to be fatal, unless you know what you;re doing, do you really want the threat of ending another's life on your hands?

Citizens should not be allowed to own guns because anyone can say 'uhuh yes I understand my responsibility' but what's to stop them from discharging that responsibility into another person?
I'm not saying that everyone is a potential killer, but then what does owning a gun make you then? With a firearm you have the terrible and heavy responsibility of knowing that you could very well kill someone, regardless if you have a licence or not or if you know what you're doing, a bullet fired by a marksman or an enthusiast is still the same, there can be no distinctions when it comes to taking a life, if you can accept that responbility then it's even more questionable if you should own a gun, if you are comfortable with comitting murder, premiditated or in self defence.

Now most people say a gun is for self-defence because chances are with the rule around anyone can own a gun, but doesn't that make it counterproductive? You get a gun to protect yourself from another person who may have a gun themselves, and both of you are allowed to do this because the rules say you can. I'm not saying that wthout guns people won't be inclined to do each other mischief, we know for a fact that humans are weak, fickle, emotionally guided individuals capable both of great good and great evil, but how many real heroes are there?

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Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) Yes but guns enable them don't you think,but yes in amidst the destructive nature of the human condition if its not guns, it'll be knives, sticks, and bits of glass.

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