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why join this group?

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message 1: by Parvane (new)

Parvane | 1 comments hello all
The name of this group,"no war", attract me,so i came and join this group, but there is no activity in here?!
it makes me suprised...
so why we all join this group? only joining to the group stop the war?!
or it is a way that makes us to feel that we are open mind person?!
can't we do something together?

message 2: by Euni (new)

Euni | 1 comments I just joined. I'm an american. Well, Texan really. We are different from most americans. Texas should be its own country. And can be. But, we don't want to go to war to do it.

I hope we can get some discussions going about war. As a Texan, we don't deal with the war like others in the Middle East. Please, educate me. I only go by what is in the Mainstream Media. Which I don't believe anyway.


message 3: by Kate (new)

Kate | 2 comments Thank you for starting this group.

I think we should post books to read that make clear the horrible realities of war.


message 4: by [deleted user] (last edited Sep 22, 2008 04:27PM) (new)

~I am a Texan also.. WHOO HOO!!!! I think Texas shouln't be it's own country, I think the Austinites would go insane because we are different from most Texans. But we need to get out of this financial hell our country is in.
~Ok, so I think war is stupid. Violence doesn't solve anything. It kills people who are kind and brave enough to fight for their country. It costs money for good Americans and makes money for rich companies that don't give a darn about the people of this country.

message 5: by Peyman (last edited Oct 15, 2009 08:07AM) (new)

Peyman (peymanoa) | 2 comments because I don't want war in the world

message 6: by Nazanin (new)

Nazanin | 1 comments بس راز جهان نهفته در هر سنگ است
کان را دو هزار نشانه رنگارنگ است

دردا که بشر به جای کشف اسرار
اشکار و نهان به فتنه یا در جنگ است

this peices of ( not properly orgnised)poem is by me.caz i really hate it,war i mean.i wish a day with peace all over the world

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