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message 1: by Orin (new)

Orin (blurrystar1) Salaam everyone!

I'm a 22-year-old Bangladeshi that has grown up in Australia since I was only four years old. I love literature and reading, but it pains me that I am not upto speed in reading the language of my home country!

So I was wondering if you know of any great Bangladeshi books, that have been translated into English?

Thanks very much!


message 2: by Shofi (new)

Shofi Choudhury | 16 comments Hi nice to meet you...!!! it's really quite hard for you to read in can start with this straight out of the gate.

It's about the birth of our country story of a fighting boy Azad,a true story.I hope you will enjoy reading this.

Greetings !!

message 3: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Faye (lmfaye) | 4 comments Check out this list:

Everyone should add to it if they can too! Lots of the books on that list are translations of books originally in Bangla. Also pretty easy to find Tagore's writing in translation - and I think that's pretty important Bengali literature.

You can also check out this book: if you want to learn to read Bangla. I've been using it and can sound out most street signs after only a couple months! At least it gives you a bit of a start :)

message 4: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Faye (lmfaye) | 4 comments Hello again!

I'm reading this translation of Tagore at the moment and loving it - although only 2 short stories in.

message 5: by Ishtiaq (new)

Ishtiaq Ahmed | 2 comments reading the Alchemist by paulo coelho........what is your thoughts about the book

message 6: by Ming (new)

Ming Lisa wrote: "Check out this list:

Everyone should add to it if they can too! ..."

great idea, Lisa. I added a few more.

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