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*Start after your charrie(s) are made*

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Serena  Greene (xxbreakxmexnotxx) | 17 comments Selina silently pushed her way through the crowds to her locker. She'd recently had to move to live with her brother three hours away after her parents died in a car wreck. SO here she was, middle of second semester, new house, town, and school...

Max made his way over to his posse' behind the bleachers on the football feild. This is where they always hung out to skip class...

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Lezle went to her locker and got her bag and jacket in there. "Hate school this year." She mumbled. "At least this year is the last year."

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Serena  Greene (xxbreakxmexnotxx) | 17 comments Selina finally found her locker and opened it up stuffing her new books that she wouldn't need for this class inside. "Well... It could be worse..." she said to herself.

Max took out a cigertte and lit it as the first bell rang...

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Lezle shoved Luke out of the way to she would get outside and just ditch school. She went outside the school building. (I think Lezle and Max should meet)

Luke was gonna whack her in the head but decided not to since she was fighter and the knife player. Instead, he went to first period.

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Serena  Greene (xxbreakxmexnotxx) | 17 comments ((Ok saounds good, ow do you want them to meet?))
Max sat talking with his friends~

Selina got her books and found a roughly sketched map of the school trying to locate her first class.

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((Maybe they could bump into each other))

Lezle walked outside and stopped to adjust her bag.

Luke saw Selina. "You need help?" He asked.

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Serena  Greene (xxbreakxmexnotxx) | 17 comments ((Kay sounds good and srry I haven't had a chance to get on lately))
Max looked around scoping for teachers and saw Lezle," Hey, you skipping class too hun?"

"I..." she looked back at the confusing map, her brother just couldn't draw," Um, yes please..."

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"What do you think, hun?" She ask mocking him.

"Where you heading for your first class?" Luke asked her.

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Serena  Greene (xxbreakxmexnotxx) | 17 comments "Well, why don't you come join us?" he replied ignoring her mockery.

"AP Literature," she replied pulling out her schedule and putting away the crude map.

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"Hmm. Why should I join you?" She asked him.

"I have the same class. Followo me."

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Serena  Greene (xxbreakxmexnotxx) | 17 comments "Because you're cute, I'm cute. We're meant to be," he crowed arrogantly.

"Thank you," she smiled and followed him.

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"Fine." She finally agreed to him.

He motioned his hand for her to follow.

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Serena  Greene (xxbreakxmexnotxx) | 17 comments He laughed helping her climb underneath the bleacher beside him.

She ran the little ways catching up to walk beside him.

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"Thank you." She smiled towards him.

He started to slow down for her.

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Serena  Greene (xxbreakxmexnotxx) | 17 comments "No problem doll face." he smiled back.

"Thanks! I'm Selina by the way," she smiled sticking out a hand.

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"Don't call me doll face unless you wanna get smacked." She told him.

"I'm Luke. Love your name by the way." He shook her hand

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Serena  Greene (xxbreakxmexnotxx) | 17 comments "Yeesh you sure are a fiesty one," he sighed taking a drag on his cigerette.

"Really thanks!" she shook his hand as well," I like your name too."

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"Lemme see that cigerette." She said putting her hand out.

"Your welcome." He said taking his hand back slowly.

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Serena  Greene (xxbreakxmexnotxx) | 17 comments "Sure," he passed it to her.

She smiled and turned back almost tripping in the process," You didn't see that," she murmured after recovering.

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She got the cigerette from his hand and tried it. "Not bad." She said, handing it back.

"Then I didn't see that." He said.

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Serena  Greene (xxbreakxmexnotxx) | 17 comments "Yup, you want one?" he handed the pack to her.


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Sure, do you have a match?" She asked grabbing the pack and taking one out.

"Okay then, but it wasn't funny what just happend, just letting you know I care." He answered back.

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Serena  Greene (xxbreakxmexnotxx) | 17 comments He flicked a lighter lighting it for her," There you go sweetie."

"Thanks!" she smiled.

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"Thank you." She smiled towards him.

"Your welcome." He answered back with a smile

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Serena  Greene (xxbreakxmexnotxx) | 17 comments "No problem," he smiled back," So what grade are you in?"

"Oh is this the right room?" she walked up to the room. The number beside the dor matched the one on her schedule.

ღஐღCielito Lindo (chrizziebelle) Alanni walked up behind the girl standing by the door. "Excuse me."

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"Senior." She smirked. "What about you, since you smoke and stuff like that?"

"Yes, yes it is." He looked at Alanni. "Sorry, Miss." He said and put some space between his and his girlfriends so Alanni could go through.

ღஐღCielito Lindo (chrizziebelle) "Thanks," she smiled and went through, going to find an empty seat

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He moved back towards her smiling.

ღஐღCielito Lindo (chrizziebelle) She caught his eye and looked down straight after.

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He then looked at Selina

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Serena  Greene (xxbreakxmexnotxx) | 17 comments ((Srry been grounded so I couldn't get on...))
"I'm a senior too," He replied. Do we have any classes together?"

Selina turned back to Luke and smiled.

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