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When did you discover Twin Peaks?

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message 1: by Merry (new)

Merry | 1 comments I remember I was about 12 when my cousin showed me her tapes of season one. She didn't have season two, except for the first episode with the giant. I thought it was really cool, but for some reason I didn't need to see anymore. Maybe as a kid, it all made sense in my head anyway.

It completely went to the back of my mind until a few years later, when I saw Sherilyn Fenn on TV and I remembered her cherry-twirling scene, and then I had to know what TV show that was from! Ever since I tracked down the videos again on eBay, I've become a bit obsessed with this show. I love meeting fans and finding out their first Twin Peaks experience: most people I know weren't old enough when the show first aired, but have tracked it down through videos over time. I guess a whole new generation will get hooked on the DVDs?

message 2: by Sammy (new)

Sammy (thecardigankid) I envy you.... I found it all on my own at the local video store. They had those big two video packs? I think there were four 'volumes' all up. I used to devour the entire series every time my family went out of town. (Not because they had a problem with TP, but 'cause I could stay up as late as I wanted and do a marathon.)

I think I knew from the first time I watched it, that this was something special. But like you, it was certainly exhilirating when - after three or four viewings - I began looking around the internet and discovered that there was such a cult following! Made me feel part of something. And a little bit less creepy for being so fascinated by all these vile, brutal people.

message 3: by Fabrizio (new)

Fabrizio (lupomannaro) | 1 comments Back in 1989 when I was living in Australia (I was born and raised in Melbourne) I was friends with the owner of my local video store, who knew I was a David Lynch freak. One day I walked into his store and he gave me a copy of a preview tape he had obtained from a supplier and it was the Twin Peaks pilot episode cut together as a full-length movie. It had a really bizarre (and terrible) ending but I was hooked, and thus my life long love affair with Twin Peaks had begun! A year later Channel 10 stared airing it on Monday nights; any many a Twin Peaks viewing parties ensued…

message 4: by martin (new)

martin (anovelidea) | 1 comments I was a very late-comer to Twin Peaks, but I guess those of my generation have no choice. I made a blind buy of the 2nd season for $6, and after the watching the 1st episode immediately went hunting for the 1st season. After that I watched it obsessively until it's untimely ending, and I've watched the 2nd season finale several times since as a stand-alone experience

message 5: by ~♡annie♡~ (new)

~♡annie♡~ | 4 comments I'm actually a fairly new fan of Twin Peaks. Given my age, I really didn't have a choice. I completely stumbled upon Twin Peaks by accident. I actually discovered the theme song first, fell in love with it, then found out it was the theme song of Twin Peaks. I immediately decided to watch it, and was an instant fan.

message 6: by Tracy (new)

Tracy (tracynotstacy) I watched it on tv while it was on it's original run on ABC. I was terrified by Bob and I think I stopped watching after Laura's killer was revealed. I was in high school and I remember the editor of the school paper doing a write up on it. It really was a big deal back then. I envy new watchers who don't know it all, who watch with new eyes.

I don't know what really made me revisit it or why I still love it so much, but I become a bigger fan the older I get. I always find something new to appreciate. Even season 2 has it's gems, which I didn't really appreciate back then.

message 7: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Harju (pamelaharju) | 1 comments I remember my parents and sister watching it when it originally aired. I was too young to watch it at the time, but I do remember hearing the theme tune when I was already in bed. Hearing it always makes me feel nostalgic now.

When I found the first two series on DVD a few years ago, I wasted no time in buying the box set. I was immediately hooked.

message 8: by Ebrahim (new)

Ebrahim Barzegar (ebrahimbarzegar) | 1 comments Hey all

I watched Twin Peaks when I was on third year of university. I couldn't have watched it earlier cuz it wasn't available in Iran then. What fascinated me then was the Agent Dale Cooper character. He was humorous, self-confident and handsome. I have watched it maybe more than ten times.

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