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message 1: by Lou (new)

Lou Hey I'm Lou, and I'm completely new to not only the group but the whole book club/reviews and all that jazz.

I've always loved reading, and finding people to discuss new books has always been a little hard so I've finally joined a group. Wahay!!

I'm currently trying to read all the classics and working through my wish list. But I also want to read the books you are reading and commenting on so I've ordered the book of the month and should be reviewing it when I'm done. Any books you could reccommend I'd love that.

So thats it really.


message 2: by Sharon (new)

Sharon (damekay) | 7 comments Hi Lou...Where to begin! I've read a lot of the classics so right now I'm reading newer authors. Here are some that have really impressed me: Louise Penny, John Hart, Tana French, Benjamin Black. These are just a few. Go to and you can get an overview of their books. What is your favorite classic so far? Some of my favorites are: THE GREAT GATSBY, THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE, THE GOOD EARTH and many more. I can talk forever about books. Glad you joined us.

message 3: by Lou (new)

Lou Hey Sharon, thanks for the reccommendations I'm taking note.
I've read The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens, and I love Shakespeare. I have Alic in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass on order as well. So I'm really trying to go back over it all and pick up the ones that should be read and read them.
I will check out the website too,
Thank you.

message 4: by Jenny, honorary mod - inactive (new)

Jenny (notestothemoon) | 846 comments welcome to the group Lou!!

message 5: by Lou (new)

Lou Thanks Jenny.

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