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message 1: by Abbalation (new)

Abbalation | 1 comments New here. (:
Me: "Twilight's cliche."
Twi-tards: "What's a 'cliche'?"
Me: "Exactly."
Story of my life. xD

message 2: by Rose (new)

Rose (iceclaw) | 2069 comments Ha.

Velcome to our group!!!

message 3: by GSGS (new)

GSGS Hey guys, I actually only joined this group to say one thing: you aren't the one and only Twilight hating group on Goodreads XD We have a group too which is awesome and Twilight hating =)

message 4: by Rose (new)

Rose (iceclaw) | 2069 comments Yeah I knowz. There's a bunches and a bunch more and... a bunch more!!!

message 5: by Basma (new)

Basma Kaid (BasmaKaid) lol

message 7: by Ahlaam (new)

Ahlaam hey...welcome to the family linked by twilight hatred

message 9: by *Sklip* (new)

*Sklip*  (stalkerninja) Abbalation wrote: "New here. (:
Me: "Twilight's cliche."
Twi-tards: "What's a 'cliche'?"
Me: "Exactly."
Story of my life. xD"

Dear goddess........I hope they dont breed

message 10: by Rose (new)

Rose (iceclaw) | 2069 comments Keh.

I'm afraid they shall...

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message 12: by Claere (new)

Claere (omenonwings) | 26 comments eh?

message 13: by Rose (new)

Rose (iceclaw) | 2069 comments The sky.

message 14: by Rose (new)

Rose (iceclaw) | 2069 comments .........I confuzzled.

message 15: by Fangirl Musings (new)

Fangirl Musings (fangirlmusings) Okay, yeah I hate to sound like and/or be a bitch about this, but Fadhilah - you really do tend to whine a lot on here, at least from what I've seen on other posts. As such, that tends to be abrasively irritating for people and it may be why no one's posting/commenting you. Not trying to be mean, just explaining it.

message 16: by Rose (last edited Nov 12, 2010 02:10PM) (new)

Rose (iceclaw) | 2069 comments Just calm down....mmmkay kay? Have a glass of chocolate milk and remind yourself we have no reason to insult you, and we won't and we have not done anything to try and make you feel insulted. If any of us had, it was not on purpose. Mmkay kay? We're all haters here.

message 17: by Fangirl Musings (new)

Fangirl Musings (fangirlmusings) Holy hell, Rose! Frankly, I'm surprised that you and said moderator were able to resist banning her immediately. The temptation was no doubt insanely powerful, LOL.

I'm SO glad someone finally agrees with me about this! I get so, so irritated when people bitch, moan and groan perpetually. Now, don't get me wrong, I understand that life is a bitch and it makes victims of everyone eventually. But! Just because life throws your ass in a blender and sets it to liquefy does not give you a free pass to constantly complain about it for pete's sake. It's irritating, immature, and downright irksome to the extreme.

I have been through some -insane- crap in my life (breaking-news-bulletin worthy crap), stuff that would make most people crawl into a literal and figurative hole and refuse to come out. Now, if I am capable of surviving that extreme amount of hell, get on with my life and LIVE, and most importantly not bitch and spew and groan about it to every person I come across, then surely "your" problems can't be that freakin' horrible. And if they are, "you'll" survive it. (I'm quoting because I'm using the word you in a general sense.)

That's just how I feel, and it absolutely infuriates me when people babble that emo, let-me-slash-my-arms-in-effigy-of-being-(fill in the blank with any life crapper you want.) They do so just for attention and it's painfully obvious.

Okay, shutting up now and getting off my soap box, LOL - Sorry y'all, I definitely needed to get that vented out pronto.

message 18: by Fangirl Musings (new)

Fangirl Musings (fangirlmusings) By the way, Rose - I adored your poetic-sentiments regarding life and it's travesties. Not only were they absolutely true, they were unbelievably beautiful! :)

message 19: by elizabeth (new)

elizabeth (elizabeth-) ^^ ..ohmygosh I agree with everything you guys said xD

message 20: by Rose (last edited Nov 13, 2010 07:41AM) (new)

Rose (iceclaw) | 2069 comments DAMMIT ROSE YOU ALWAYS MAKE ME CRY!! All those big words and poetry and sentimental statements makes me such a wimp!!!

And when I say "Mmmkay", I'm quoting Zelos from Tales of Symphonia, the pervert in the group who is slapped constantly. Whenever someone is having trouble, he'll always say something that can easily be transtlated into "Get laid", and then say "Mmmkay" at the end. And then Sheena will say, "Don't make me slap you!" and then she slaps him.

Fadilah, I'm only thirteen, dude (I know you're a girl but I call everyone dude sometimes.). You just can't vie (I learned that word yesterday) for attention, when you freak out I freak out and then I start hitting my head on walls and stuff and then I go up to my dog and tell her about how I'm gonna make bacon out of her. Rose is only sixteen or so as well.

And it's not like we're not paying attention to you! Sometimes someone will say something so funny that makes milk spew out of your nose so you're only half-reading the remainder of the comments on the way down while you look for a tissue.

Don't act so down, mm...okay (I'm trying Rose!!)? Think of my Schnitzel I shall roast on a spit and then make bacon out of.

Those two girls sound awful, Rose! So glad around that time I was either a)not joined or b) still deleting all the emails I got about Goodreads.

message 21: by Rose (new)

Rose (iceclaw) | 2069 comments Hmph...All this emotional stuff is making my head hurt.

When I'm sad, I usually confide in my sister, who usually says something along the lines of "Go away." or my internet buddy, Shadow.

He always makes me feel better!

message 22: by Zelda (new)

Zelda of Unapologetic Reviews (zelda_of_arel) | 66 comments When I was a teen about 10 years ago I just kept my head down and studied all the time. I didn't have any emotional stuff going on or anything like that. My mother was working 12-hour days to support me, so next to studying my most important thing was to help her around the home. I cleaned, cooked, did the shopping. So I don't get why teens want help or why they are all over the place emotionally. I think it's about wanting to be like that. It's what expected of teens nowadays, so that is how they behave. A hundred years ago they were expected to be married and start raising a family. They didn't have issues like they have nowadays. If I have a teen someday, I'm going to tell them to keep to studying and start preparing and learning for their adult life. That is what your years before 18 should be about.

message 23: by Rose (new)

Rose (iceclaw) | 2069 comments Dammmit Rose!! I wish you were three years longer and went to the same school I do! I can only imagine how Andy would feel the next time he throws something at me and sees your angry, bitchy face.... BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

I have this way of getting guys to hate me, I don't know why or how. I'm really good friends with nerd guys and Indians, but everyone else hates me!!

Oh well...

message 24: by Rose (last edited Nov 16, 2010 05:00AM) (new)

Rose (iceclaw) | 2069 comments Admit their bitches and bastards, and get on with your life.

Admit what they are doing to you is wrong in every way, but just ignore them. They have no right to tease a girl like you, they have no right to poke around with anyone.

And if they mess around with you, call 'em out on it! Tell a teacher! If they are making your life the way you make it sound here, then you're living in hell.

message 25: by Zelda (new)

Zelda of Unapologetic Reviews (zelda_of_arel) | 66 comments I didn't really have friends in high school and pretty much everyone hated me. So I just ignored them. I got used to it in Elementary. What you need to think about is that it doesn't matter. Other people don't matter. You are you and what other people say or do can't reach you if you don't want it to. If you let them reach you you give them power. But ultimately, you have all the power. I never got angry or said anything to people who were mean to me. Reacting is caring. If someone was mean, I just smiled at them in a "Whatever, you're beneath me anyway" way. That puts the wind out of their sails.

So my advice is, don't do anything on the outside. Don't even aknowledge them. Just fix it in your head that you are better than those petty people and you don't care about them. They are not fit to wipe your boots.

message 26: by Rose (new)

Rose (iceclaw) | 2069 comments Wow Zelda, you're a great advice giver!! Much better than me.

message 27: by elizabeth (last edited Nov 16, 2010 09:32PM) (new)

elizabeth (elizabeth-) yeah, and in the end you would most likely be living a better life than them :) just don't listen to the bullies, ignore them..

((oh and @Rose: yeah you can call me RAWR! if you want hahahaha))

message 28: by Zelda (new)

Zelda of Unapologetic Reviews (zelda_of_arel) | 66 comments Rose wrote: "Wow Zelda, you're a great advice giver!! Much better than me."

Thank you! Could I be older than you? I'm not sure.

Anyway, most bullies end up delivering pizzas. Just think about people like Bill Gates. I bet he was bullied all the time. Or there was a character in this Japanese drama that I watched. He had to drop out at 15 and ended up being so good at Math and stocks, by 18 he was buying up companies. Just remember that most people who are successful in life had been bullied. So it could even be a sign of greatness.

message 29: by Rose (new)

Rose (iceclaw) | 2069 comments I'm only thirteen.....



I stayed up all night and cried and cried my tears of joy!!! I felt like stopping but I didn't want to!! I didn't want to stop crying my tears of joy!!!!


message 30: by Rose (last edited Nov 18, 2010 04:45AM) (new)

Rose (iceclaw) | 2069 comments I read the book "Evermore" By some girl with a Z last name. I think it was was as close as I could get to Zusak.


message 31: by Rose (new)

Rose (iceclaw) | 2069 comments Dammit, that's making me teary-eyed!!!

message 32: by Rose (last edited Nov 18, 2010 04:20PM) (new)

Rose (iceclaw) | 2069 comments Yeah!! It's adorable!!!

message 33: by Emily (new)

Emily hey kinda new here has only been on here liek onece! so...

message 34: by Zelda (new)

Zelda of Unapologetic Reviews (zelda_of_arel) | 66 comments Rose wrote: "I'm only thirteen.....

Yeah, I'm old. I'm 28...

message 35: by Rose (new)

Rose (iceclaw) | 2069 comments My half-brother is either a year older than you, or your age.

I'm never quite sure....

message 36: by Zelda (new)

Zelda of Unapologetic Reviews (zelda_of_arel) | 66 comments My father married 4 times and is single now. I think I'm his only child. I don't think that a man can ever know for sure.

message 37: by Rose (last edited Nov 23, 2010 03:37PM) (new)

Rose (iceclaw) | 2069 comments Yush.

Totally reminds me, so I was in New York Citay for the weekend (stayed at a marriot in Newport, right next to the path, about three miles away from that park thing that has the ferry to Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty (Ellis Island, worth it, Statue of Liberty, not so much) (Las Vegas was a whole lot more fun) (I went to Bryant Park, but I couldn't find Mood anywherez) (Took pictures of everything! Even stuff that my mother simply pointed at and said 'Oh! That was in __________.")(Floor 82 of the Empire State Building, not worth it. Floor 102 is good!) and there was this book at the hotel, it was "The Secret Language of Birthdays" or somefing like that.

So, mesa looked up me b-day, and it was surprising how many things were like me. There was this one thing that was something along the lines of:

"Will probably never have a family of their own, but instead bring friends, work partners and others in to be like their family."

I smiled when I read that, it's so much like me. Shadow is more a brother to me than my own.

message 38: by Rose (new)

Rose (iceclaw) | 2069 comments Oh!! So I was on and they have this little thing that contains a summary of what the twelve and unders are writing. Most of them are stupid, and the main characters have beautiful and complex names that are probably featured in one of Shakepeare's plays or somefing. But look at this one!

Everything Beatrice Brown ever loathed in literature has come to life! Follow her as she hunts down Edward Cullen, kills Lord Voldemort (finally!) and punches Damon Salvatore in his ungodly...

message 39: by Saathi (new)

Saathi | 7 comments hi i am Anne and Diane we are the ones who jointly own this account
wishing all the goodreaders and also all members of this group A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR . May all ur dreams and wishes come true . May all of u have a beautiful and happy year .

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey. Just joined. I really HATE twilight and have only gone to see the movies because I was invited by a friend and didn't actually have the heart to tell them I didn't like it.

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