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message 1: by Paige (new)

Paige (anauthor) | 67 comments Mod
Discuss your favorite means of reading here. Print Book, E-book, and any other means of reading.

message 2: by Debbie (new)

Debbie  (Greeneys6) | 17 comments I bought my Kindle just over a year ago. Since then I have not read an actual book. I've tried. I just can't do it any more. I will admit that the Kindle has me spoiled. I like being able to lay it on my lap and not worry about the book closing. I like being able to just lay it down and never losing my place. I love being able to change the font size. I was looking at a DTB at the store the other day and thought how much I really appreciate the Kindle now.

message 3: by Lillian (new)

Lillian Grant (lilliangrant) I am getting a Kindle for xmas. I read love e-books but reading them on my laptop is not very user friendly. I still curl up with some real books but only because they aren't avalaible as e-books.

message 4: by Danielle (new)

Danielle (bookaddict27) | 1 comments While I do read books on an e-reader, I always I prefer reading an actual book. It may sound strange but there is nothing like curling up with a good book after an extremely long day, and for that an e-book just doesn't feel quite the same.

Carol Cork *Young at Heart Oldie* (httpsrakesandrascalswordpresscom) I'm doing a part-time job from now until Christmas and thought I would treat myself to a Kindle. I generally prefer print books but I am finding that I am reading more and more ebooks now.

I agree with you Lillian, reading on a PC/laptop isn't very user friendly. I like the idea of sitting in my usual armchair with the kindle rather than on a computer chair or even a dining chair if I'm using the laptop.

As the PC belongs to my husband and the laptop to my son, I have to fit in reading my ebooks when they're not around!

message 6: by Sassafrass, aka Rho, reader of erotica (new)

Sassafrass (sass-a-frass) | 350 comments Mod
I love e-books. ever since I started with my Kindle two years ago, I can't stand reading DTB (dead tree books) anymore. I'm always losing my page or trying to turn the pages by pushing button that's not really there. LOL

message 7: by Grace (new)

Grace Elliot (httpwwwgoodreadscomgraceelliot) I'm a convert from DTB (as Sassafrass calls paper books!) to the Kindle. I had a Sony eReader but it was clunky to download books and you needed a computor. I was lucky to be a Kindle for my birthday and am in love with it ever since I sat in the dentist's waiting room browsing a bookshop, downloaded and started reading right there and then.
Also I can be more honest about the books I like to read - I know it shouldnt matter but for me some of the romance covers, although gorgeous, are a bit embarassing to leave around. At least I dont have this problem with the Kindle - could be reading War and Peace for all anyone knows!

message 8: by Bronwyn (new)

Bronwyn Rykiert | 140 comments My children bought me a Kindle for Christmas but I have not received it yet but hopefully my husband will be bringing it home from son's place in Brisbane tomorrow and I will be able to download the couple a free e-books I have received as pre releases through The Library Thing site.

message 9: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (michellelisa) | 6 comments Hi,i bought a sony ereader last fall and i have to say i love it.On the other hand i still love the printed word.So instead of picking one or the other i have chosen to have the best of both worlds.I guess i can have my cake and eat it too!!

Unapologetic_Bookaholic I heard on the Today kindle ebooks are actually out selling paperbacks. The trend is being taken seriously I guess. I'm one of those multi taskers that likes the option of having function over form. Since I can dock the ipad and not have to hold it to read an ebook I like using the iPad as my e reader since it's bigger and heavier than a dedicated e reader. And I can download the apps for kindle and nook :)..

message 11: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (michellelisa) | 6 comments Yes SMK i heard that to.It's way more convenient and portable.What is it like for reading on though?I would think it's hard on the eyes but have never seen a book on one so i don't know.I do read books on my phone and laptop but not to long because of the glare.

message 12: by Bronwyn (new)

Bronwyn Rykiert | 140 comments I think it great the choice we have today on reading materials. At times I enjoy books and audio - I have not actually read an e-book yet so I can't really give an opinion there, but I do have 4 on my Kindle.

message 13: by Unapologetic_Bookaholic (last edited Feb 09, 2011 08:40AM) (new)

Unapologetic_Bookaholic Michelle wrote: "Yes SMK i heard that to.It's way more convenient and portable.What is it like for reading on though?I would think it's hard on the eyes but have never seen a book on one so i don't know.I do read b..."

It is not a dedicated e reader so:
-It's not anti glare, you can't read it in direct sun but you can read it in bright rooms at the right angle. I have a case that allows me to dock it so I dont have to hold it. It's like sitting it in a cradle.
-it's not e ink. So it's not like reading a book, like you would see on most e readers.

For the price I would recommend the iPad if your interested in a new toy :) it's not a replacement for a computer, but it highly functions as a movie player, music, wow! The bass is great! It's nice bc of portability and the charge lasts all day even if your constantly on it.

message 14: by Sassafrass, aka Rho, reader of erotica (new)

Sassafrass (sass-a-frass) | 350 comments Mod
Kenjii, I agree with your assessment. I have a kindle and an iPad. I can't read on my eye pad because staring at the screen for long periods of time gives me a headache like it does on my computer.

If you don't have problems like that I would see where it would be useful. I think I'd feel like I'd have cut off my arm if I didn't have my kindle though. love, love, LOVE it!

message 15: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (michellelisa) | 6 comments Oh yes i have had my eye on an ipad for a while now.My birthday is at the end of the month!..who knows!

Carol Cork *Young at Heart Oldie* (httpsrakesandrascalswordpresscom) I inherited my son's iPhone when he recently purchased a new mobile. He downloaded the Kindle application for me. It's great to receive books within seconds of downloading them instead of waiting days or even weeks for them to come in the post. I wasn't sure about reading the books on the iPhone but I have had no problem at all adjusting to reading this way. I like the fact that I can have plenty of books and don't have to worry about fitting them on my limited bookshelf space!

message 17: by Unapologetic_Bookaholic (last edited Feb 10, 2011 10:55AM) (new)

Unapologetic_Bookaholic @Sass I don't seem to get the same eye strain as I did using my computer for hours, using the iPad. I have it set to about 80% brightness and that helps too.

message 18: by Grace (new)

Grace Elliot (httpwwwgoodreadscomgraceelliot) The Kindle is very easy on the eye. The e-ink is great. The other advantage is that I can read in bed and hold it with one hand and it doesnt get heavy like a book sometimes does. I'm currently reading a paperback after using my kindle continuously since October and it feels really odd now...and a little old fashioned (gasps at self!)

message 19: by Shelly (new)

Shelly (shellye77) I just got a nook color, but will still read regular books (as I have bought tons still waiting TBR). And though I am loving the ease and accessibility to my nook, there's nothing like walking through a bookstore and seeing all the books. I get a rush every time I walk into a bookstore!

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