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Roger Sakowski (roger239) | 1 comments Title: From an Otherwise Comfortable Room
Author: Roger Sakowski
Genre: Lit Fic/Stream of Conscious/Free Association/Philosophy
Copyright Notice: All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2009 Roger Sakowski

William Homer Omkowski is an alienated and haunted man who drinks too much. He tells a story that spans a single evening and the following morning, about a loft party he attended in Baltimore forty-some-odd years ago and the tragic event that overshadowed it. But this story is only a framework. Memories, events, delusions, and images with origins that extend back to Creation expand the design into an imposing, if unstable, edifice. His rich, but unsteady, imagination enlivens a vivid tale laced with free associations, stream of consciousness, and poetry.

Ush, just look to yer left, says the third.

E knows it well as me, says the first.

Fucked if I do! shouts the fourth.

He takes a threatening stance pushing back his chair and sneers at the one to his right. And things burst into a fire of fists, up turned chairs, flying cards and pennies from the pot.

Keep it down! shouts the Professor.

The art students move to the front of the bar thinking it best to give the brawl some distance.

Yer out! shouts the bartender.

He runs back with a baseball bat held high over his head. The intervention always worked and the foundry men grumble as they leave.

Good riddens! shouts the professor.

This exception considered, by ten or eleven the bar’s a more comfortable place still. Art students poured in all the more—those practiced individuals, each presenting a unique vision somewhat less unique than claimed—to occupy the bar from its front to its back.

I’m a pacifist’, says the first. Violence shakes my sensibilities.

They could use some shaking, says the second. He thinks the Times is a visual wonder in gray.

I’m not so sure it isn’t, says the third, but I don’t read it myself.

There’s nothing like color, says the fourth. I love the impressionist.

Paint’s dead, says the first.

You can say that for art in general, says the second.

What’s left after you invent perspective? says the third. We’ve been running from it ever since.

I can excuse it, says the fourth, if it doesn’t get in the way.

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message 2: by Laura (new)

Laura (laurajwryan) | 10 comments This bit quirked a little grin in the corner of my mouth...way back in my art school days some arrogant jerk said painting was dead... well, 30 years later, there's still a lot of people making paintings (some are good ones) and I'm still dabbling and splashing paint around too...I've never been happier. I've added this book to my to-read pile. L-

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