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To Agent or Not To Agent?

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message 1: by Rick (new)

Rick | 1 comments A photographer and I have teamed up to create a pre-K board book for bedtime. Does it make sense for us to get an agent, or should we submit to publishers directly? If the answer is yes to an agent, can you recommend a good one?
Many thanks,

message 2: by Erick (new)

Erick Setiawan | 19 comments Mod
Hi Rick,

I don't know the specifics for children's picture books, but generally speaking, I'll say you should always go for an agent if you can land one (assuming, of course, that they're legitimate and not just out to rip you off).

There are plenty of websites that give out info on good, legitimate agents. Publishers Marketplace is one, Agent Query is another. Also you should check out discussion forums like absolutewrite.com where aspiring writers help out each other with tips and info. Just make sure before you query that the agent indeed handles the kind of materials you're submitting.

Best of luck!

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