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Nyghtmare I will be posting some of my stuff. Poems including Halloween night and some of my prophecies including Blood.

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Nyghtmare First there's sprains
Then sickness
Bruises and breaks
Cutting and stabbing
Ends in death

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Nyghtmare Here's the poem I wrote in honor of the group:

Shade of the Night

The sun has set, and darkness swallows the world.
I sit on my porch as the wolves start to howl.
The temperature drops
There's a rustle in the swamp.
I tense as the cat runs around the leaves.
I walk deep into the forest.
Bow in hand, I walk past the heart.
I see a faint glow, and walk towards it.
It's inside the old burned down building.
The glow is an eerie green.
I see a hand, no, a body.
I load the bow, the arrow notches in place.
When the night falls the road changes.
And I hear the call of the dead.
How can a road so beautiful be so haunted?
An owl hoots over head.
And it seems everything has a shadow
The graveyard is where I go next.
The spirits wander aimlessly.
Hello, they call
As I enter the shade of the night.

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Nyghtmare Dark America

As the hellish creatures scream a bloody cry
New life is born into the night
Everyone hates her
For she was born of rape
Mother takes a last breath,
Still is her shape.
A man is murdered
Another raped
A woman loses a child
As one starves
A teen dies in a gunfight at a party
What is this place?
Is it hell?
If it is,I wish you all well.
But you are wrong.
A little girl is abducted
A car crash kills an honor student.
Someone is mugged
A lesbian is beat to death.
A child stays alive by selling meth.
A teenage girl is sold for sex.
Why is this true?
For all of this could happen to me or you.
This is the land of America.
You may think this is a land of freedon.
But listen to the wails of a child
As her mother is shot
A serial killer gets away with murder.
As the cops blame the innocent
A sore is robbed, as a homeless kid needs food.
This is not a land of opprotunity.
But is it a dark land of hell?

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Nyghtmare The Land of The Dead

Come with me to the land of the dead.
Where the sun never touches
The land-oh- the land of the dead
Hades reigns his kingdom
Where the vampire await a visitor,
Their thirst exceding each day
Come with me to the land of darkness
Where Persephone weeps alone
The fiery dragons roar,
As they fight in this fiery hell
Oh come with me to the land of the lost
The old man rolling the rock up the hill
Spend eternity with me
As we enter
The land of the dead.

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Nyghtmare The Vampire

Once I was human
But that has now changed
I am a creature of the night
Damned to this world forever
My love is for the humans I kill
For I thirst
So I hunt
The sweet smell of blood
Takes me back into the darkness
I once had a love
She would lay by my side
But all of that changed
As it does with the making of vampire
When the sun arises,
I run for the crypts.
For there I weep silently.

The sun has gone down
This forld I have walked
For 200 years
This night, I am positive
All will change
The sun will come up
And here I will stand
I will sing
As I turn to ashes.

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