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message 1: by John (new)

John Balliro | 4 comments Mod
After finishing the letters and first three chapters, post your thoughts on at least one of the following questions. Posts must be about 250 words in length.

1) What is your initial reaction to meeting Victor in the letters? What do you think of his attitude and demeanor?

2) What do you think of Walton's optimism? What is inspiring about unbridled optimism? What is dangerous?

3) Describe the Frankenstein family. From the first few chapters, what are your impressions of Victor's parents and siblings?

message 2: by Persefoni (new)

Persefoni Andronikos | 2 comments Walton and his optimistic attitude was introduced to me in the first letter. In Walton's first initial letter to his sister, Margaret, he describes his ultimate goal of reaching the North Pole. He also continues to explain that by reaching his ultimate goal, he will also fulfill other desires of his such as "spending a day in eternal light", finding a route to the North Pole via the Pacific, and going where no other man has stepped foot. Walton is very optimistic about his future endeavors. His ultimate goal inspires me to reach a little bit higher and work harder for what I want. His determination and focus on his goal also inspires me to pursue my personal dream. Although Walton's determination and optimism is inspiring, his goal is very dangerous. Nature has a way of fighting you to make your accomplishment of that goal even harder to obtain. Walton and his crew could get caught in a dangerous storm, and die. They could also have their ship invaded by pirates. Multiple members of the crew could fall ill and die. In addition, they could run out of supplies and starve to death. These are serious risks Walton should consider before his journey, but they do not seem to stop him from going to the North Pole. These risks seem like “obstacles” driving his passion even more towards reaching his ultimate goal. Margaret takes all of these and more into serious consideration; therefore, she is very worried about her brother's journey.

message 3: by Kiernan (new)

Kiernan Connors | 1 comments My initial reaction to meeting Victor in the letters was somewhat surprise because Walton found him stranded on a big plate of ice. He must've been extremely surprised to see a man in that part of the world, so obviously they helped him. As time passed and Victor recovered, him and Walton eventually became friends and Victor begins to tell his story. His attitude is probably still filled with disgust, but he may feel better just telling someone his entire story and all that he had been through. I think Walton's optimism is strong and inspiring. I believe this because he was so excited to travel to the North Pole and fulfill his expedition. What can be dangerous about unbridled optimism is that you may not know when to stop. For example, if something ever happened to Walton's ship during his expedition he may not want to stop because he is so determined. This may not only put his life in danger, but also the entire crews. The Frankenstein family is wealthy and of high class. Victor's parents are Alphonse and Caroline. Caroline is Alphonse's best friends daughter and he died so he married her to take care of her. Caroline is really nice and sympathetic. She adopts Elizabeth, and Victor claims her to be his. They get along very well. Elizabeth gets scarlett fever and caroline takes care of her. She contracts it from her and dies. Victor is the oldest child and he also has a younger brother, William Frankenstein. The Frankenstein family seems like it'd be a good family to be a part of. They have good parents, intelligent children, and are wealthy.

message 4: by Natasha (new)

Natasha | 1 comments The beginning of Victor’s story gets us acquainted with several of his family members. His mother, Caroline, is one of the first introduced, portrayed as a loving, nurturing person, who puts everyone above herself. And his dad is not too far off from that description as well. When Alphone’s best friend died, his daughter was left in absolute poverty, working hard to just make ends meet. Because of this Alphonse decided to marry this woman, Caroline. Here you also get a strange impression on Victor’s parents, because of their bizarre marriage. Again during the story you see how good a person Caroline is, by adopting a poor orphan named Elizabeth, who is described as a sweet child that ends up fostering a close relationship with Victor. Both of them grew up together, showing how big an influence Elizabeth is on his life. While learning more about his family, tragedy strikes. Caroline, while nursing sick Elizabeth, ends up dying from scarlet fever. We see from these first few chapter how good a family Victor comes from. Later in the story we are also introduced to two of his brothers: William and Ernest. Ernest is described as lazy, and even Elizabeth herself is scared he will go off and join the service. While on the other hand is William, a young happy child, who seems to be a delight to everyone in the Frankenstein’s house. Every person in Frankenstein’s family is described to be in general very good people, including Victor himself.

message 5: by Junhyuk (new)

Junhyuk Shin | 3 comments My first impression of Frankenstein family, wealth enough to adopt Elizabeth for Frankenstein’s sister and Justine for household while Victor is growing up, is wealth and intelligent family. They have very well educated children like Victor (oldest son) he grew up well on highly educated system as well as their other children. Frankenstein family adopted Elizabeth during travels Russia, she found in street nobody really feeds her or cares her. Caroline decided to take care Elizabeth, it makes me feels like Victor’s family really love to help other’s. Another reason of Frankenstein Family love to help other is Caroline Beaufort, taken by father Alphonse Frankenstein because of her father’s death Alphonse wants to take care of Caroline, marry with father Alphonse. Also sad story of Caroline, during Caroline nursing her daughter, is died by scarlet fever which she contracts from Elizabeth. These facts lead me into Frankenstein Family is very intelligent and wealthy, and also model of aid or assist people in poverty. Generally, I think Frankenstein whole family members are good and kind like Elizabeth. William and Ernest is mention in later chapter William who cute youngest son, and lazy Ernest who wants to serve army for his nation. Before Victor goes to University of Ingolstadt, Caroline died by contract Elizabeth scarlet fever it makes Victor engaged to study life of science. Obsession of study science which against nature, Victor starting to fall down by making creation which makes me reminding bad things happen even though model of Frankenstein Family.

message 6: by Junhyuk (new)

Junhyuk Shin | 3 comments Kiernan wrote: "My initial reaction to meeting Victor in the letters was somewhat surprise because Walton found him stranded on a big plate of ice. He must've been extremely surprised to see a man in that part of ..."

I agree

message 7: by Olivia (new)

Olivia | 1 comments Through the first letters, my impression of Victor was pretty simple. His family, the Frankenstiens, of Caroline, Alphonse, and his brothers, William and Ernest, and his adopted sister Elizabeth. They seemed very normal despite the odd marriage of Victors parents. Caroline was a sweet woman who always saw the good rather than the bad in people. Her father was Alphonse's best friend and when he passed away, Alphone and Caroline married. This to me and many other is strange but their family is composed of good people. Walton seemed extremely optimistic in the letters and driven to reach the North Pole. This is good, but it is a dangerous mission that could easily go wrong for him. It is good that Walton is confident, but not overconfident.

message 8: by Aris (new)

Aris Mcking | 1 comments Initially when introduced to Victor there was slight confusion. I was a bit baffled when Shelley described him as a man on a glacier of ice floating towards the boat. First i could not understand why there was this man in the freezing cold on a block of ice, secondly it heightened my curiosity because it made me wonder, how did he end up on that ice, or in that area. When he arrives on the ship i feel as though his attitude was somewhat understood, because here you have a man that you have just encountered in the middle of nowhere and he is hysterical this makes sense. I know that if i were in a deserted area that was cold and i had no sense of direction i would be discombobulated. Walton has a thirst for knowledge and that is admirable. Anything that he wants to accomplish he goes after and this seems to be an underlying theme throughout the story. For example, Victor seeking out a way to create/ give life. The level of optimism that Walton portrays is high for the simple fact that he has set out on this mission to the north pole and will not stop until he has reached his desired location. This goes back to him not giving up and striving to succeed. The danger of his optimistic attitude lies with his inability to realize that he is not the only one on this voyage. Also another fatality is the unknown. No one knows where they are, in terms of direction, because it is cold and icy. Walton does have a sense of confidence about him but he is neither pompous nor arrogant.

message 9: by Nessa (new)

Nessa | 2 comments As I began reading Victor Frankenstein’s story I was well introduced by his family. His mother, Caroline Beaufort, was the daughter of Beaufort who later married Victors father, Alphonse Frankenstein. After the death of her father, Caroline married into an odd marriage with Alphonse, Alphonse was her fathers best friend. Victor has two siblings, William and Ernest. William is the young “delight” of the family, and Ernest being the middle child. Caroline saw the good in everyone, as we see her adopt Elizabeth into the family. In the letters we view Walton driven to reach the North Pole. He is very motivated in achieving such a dangerous mission, which is great.

message 10: by Yoonsik (new)

Yoonsik | 2 comments Victor Frankenstein who was the oldest son of his family was born in Geneva. His family was composed of his father, Alphonse, mother, Caroline, wife, Elizabeth, and two siblings, William and Ernest. His family was rich, and intelligent. When I read the part that Alphonse married Carline who was daughter of Beaufort who was Alphonse's wealthy friend, I felt Alphonse was crazy. But, later, I realized that Alphonse married Caroline to protect her, after her father died. His family adopted two people. One is Elizabeth who was cousin of Victor, but later she married Victor. The other is Justine who was blamed and executed for William's murder which is actually committed by the monster. Mary Shelley mentioned William was Victor’ youngest brother who was the first of the monster's victim and Ernest was Victor’s brother who was only mentioned a few times and who wanted to join the Swiss military in later chapter. Generally, his family was peaceful and worried about each other as Caroline took care Elizabeth; although Caroline died from scarlet fever which she contracted nursing Elizabeth back to health. Caroline death influenced to Victor to study about elixir of life. My impressions of Victor’s parents and siblings were their generosity and intelligence, because they adopted people who lived in poor situation and Alphonse consoled Victor in moments of pain and encourages him to remember the importance of family. Although the creation who created by Victor killed off Victor’s friends and family, Victor’s family was perfect family.

message 11: by John (new)

John Busa | 1 comments I think victors family is pretty normal other then victor who seems to have a few nuts lose. In the first few chapters we are introdeced to his family who seems normal with a father, mother, brother, and two sisters. From what i can see victor is the odd ball. I think this because he brings dead people to life which isnt that normal.


message 12: by Englishboy922 (new)

Englishboy922 | 2 comments When i first met victor in the story i thought of him as sort of peculiar because we find him floating on and iceburg. it took me by surprise and i was wondering why and how he got there in the first place. his attitude was very depressing and his demeanor was very glum and i could tell that something terrible had recently happened to hime due to his depression. i think waltons optimism is great and inspiring. i think unbridled optism is a great quality to have but ity is also very dangerous because it can cause one to be neive in a way.the frankenstein family seems like a nice well rounded family. they all seem very happy with their lifestyle and all seem very intelligent. the impressions i get from victors parents and siblings arfe that they are very encouraging toward victor and supportive of his ideas. all of his siblings seem to really look up to him.

message 13: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Eringis | 1 comments When I was first introduced to the Frankenstein family my first reaction was they seemed like a loving and caring family. I also found them to be a little out of the ordinary. Alphonse Frankenstein marries Caroline who is his best friends daughter. Caroline needed someone to take care of her during the time her father died. Caroline is manny years younger than Alphonse. Catherine Frankenstein, Victor's mother adopts Elizabeth an orphan who no one is taking care of. She takes care of Elizabeth when she is sick and ends up contracting Scarlet fever and dies. Victor is very intelligent who is studying in Ingolstadt. His brothers are very young and we don't learn much about them. From all of this we see that Victor comes very a well rounded family. They all have compassion in their hearts and take care of anyone in need.

message 14: by Danielle (new)

Danielle Corcoran | 1 comments My first impression of the frankenstien family was that they seemed like a pretty normal with a few odd moments. Caroline is married to alphonse (the father) which is much older than caroline, which is a little odd. he married her as a kind of sympathy for her when her father pasted on.Victor who is one of the main characters in the story is the smartest of all the frankensteins. Elizabeth is taken in by mrs.frankenstein to marry victor even though they are said to be related.Also they adopted justine, who ended up getting killed for a murder she didnt commit. Lastly there are two brothers, william and ernest, who arent very important in the story they dont get mentioned much.

message 15: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Haskell | 2 comments When you start reading the letters, Walton's optimism seems to be almost overwhelming him. His confidence is a little too intense in the first letter but at the same time his "i can do anything" attitude instills a spark in the reader. His unwavering faith that he can accomplish his dreams and do something worthwhile is uplifting to the reader and helps the reader relate better to the character. As you continue to learn about Walton in his letters you can see that his optimism is what keeps him going;He has failed at his attempts before but his unfailing optimism is what makes him get right back up and try something new.Optimism like Walton's is inspiring because it has a kind of aura of invincibility that fills a person with hope for their own future. Everyone strives to accomplish their dreams and do something awe-inspiring with their lives. While Walton's ambition is an amazing quality it is also dangerous. His desire to achieve his goals at any cost puts not only himself but his men in danger. Walton basically says in his letters that the lives of his men are expendable when it comes to obtaining the knowledge he is seeking. As his optimism grows so does his thirst for achievement. In this stage, his optimism seems to be clouding his moral judgment and causing a hazardous atmosphere for both himself and his men.

message 16: by John (new)

John Balliro | 4 comments Mod
closed... grades are in

message 17: by Brendasouza (new)

Brendasouza | 1 comments At first, I thought Walton's optimism was a really refreshing thing. Reading about a person with such vigor and passion for something they care about ends up inspiring you. Walton was pursuing the beauty he knew was hidden in nature, in the North Pole. In all honesty, he had me wishing I could embark in the same journey- he made the 24 hours in sunlight appealing, thanks to his fascination. As I read on, however, I picked up on the undeniable dangers of being unbridledly optimistic. Walton was risking his life and the life of his crew members in order to fulfill his dream. The most dangerous thing about unbridled optimism is that it's blinding. Walton was so obsessed with his dreams, so sure he would achieve them, that he wasn't able to rationalize and assert the possible failures. Another dangerous thing that comes with unbridled optimism is selfishness. Because he's so immersed in his goals, he thinks of nothing else. No matter how worried his sister may be, or how much danger his crew members face, he's blinded by his expectations. In my opinion, it's healthy to be adamant about what you want and shoot for the stars, when it comes to following your dreams. However, there is a fine line between being ambitious and letting your ambitions own you, and that's where Walton went wrong.

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