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Lauren | 931 comments Will start writing soon, I liked your idea of starting a post for the story Lisarenne... Hope you don't mind. I like to do all my writing on a computer of phone (cheesy, I know.) This is just a draft of ideas, so things may not make any sense at first. Also: I understand that my chapters are VERY short: don't hold it against me! :)


There comes a point in everyone's life where they come to a crossroads, where the decision they make will take their life in one direction or another. For Grady, that time was now. It was one of those live-or-die situations; which he seemed to be experiencing a lot lately. "Well, here goes nothing," he thought as he climbed out the window and on the the platform. He had to get there in time. What was he looking for? She was wearing... Geez! What WAS she wearing... "Blue turtleneck," he mumbled under his breath. Grady climbed up the side of the building using a combonation of fire-escapes and window ledges. "Crap!" She wasn't here yet. This made him nervous... Grady's boss, Aldo, wasn't the nicesest guy around. Aldo has threatened with a death sentence before, but it had never been directed toward Grady. Come on Lacey. Come on! But she wasn't coming- she never would. The Rolders had gotten a hold her.

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Lauren | 931 comments *CHAPTER ONE - THROUGH THE EYES OF ALDO*

He was writing on his blog:

[Not only my best worker, but my wife:] has abandonded me. I am alone in my buisness with my self and my slaves. They are hard workers- but they aren't good enough. Today things will change. Today I will punish [my workers] by taking the lives of all their loved ones. That's the way things will work in my country. It will be a place of tough and hungry slaves. I do not care what they look like, everyone will work for me. I will be their ruler. If they do not obey my laws, [those who have disobeyed] will not remain tomorrow. But, do you think I honestly care? No. I must show my power either way.

Aldo concluded his writing and slid away his computer monitor.

He thought back to years of the past. The thought of everyone having a say in government made him sick. He would capture all theses people 2 by 2, and pull the down; under the ground, into his land. Then they'd be his.

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To whom it may concern:

We kids had all heard about The Rolders before. The rumor was that they were these police, if you will, and they would come up from the ground. They would take 2 people away at a time and these people hardly ever came back. If they tried to escape; The Rolders would capture them, take them back to the underground "king" where he would kill them. We were all terified. Mom, Dad, my sister, and I were trying to stay safe; but it wasn't easy to do. Everyday Mom would drive us to school and pick us up at the end of the day too. We weren't allowed to go outside, not even for lunch or recess. Our mother, Helen, has always been a bit of a nut, but she was honestly crazy now. My friends parents had never been to fond of her, but I don't have any friends anymore. I take advanced classes and they bumped me up 3 grade levels so now I'm with my sister. They all think I'm a loser. In a way, I am. I'm a little nerdy kid, taped up glasses and a big nose, always wearing video game shirts, and I'm not very social. Despite all this I know I can end this war between our surface and the underground. I just have this strange feeling that I am capable. Mom says it's good to feel this way, but I don't think she even believes I can do it. I don't think you should be through with me quite yet. Don't forget me.

Signed, Dale.

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