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Bri is StraightEdge and luvs Anime and Wolves (wolfgirl23) | 120 comments Mod
Vampires: The vampires can be killed by holy water getting poured on them, along with decapitation. Crosses will weaken them, but not kill them. Than when they rest(they don't sleep) with a wooden stake and hammer to where their heart would be located. All hunters are trained to search the human before they become Blood Servants to make sure no crosses are on them.

Werewolves: The werewolves can be killed by completely destroying their hearts. Along with decapitation, holy water has nothing to do with killing or weakening them. Crosses will weaken them and because of this the humans who are with them don't have an crosses, if they did they were destroyed immediately.

message 2: by Napoleon (new)

Napoleon (Npoleon) | 11 comments doesn't garlic or something like this harm vampires?

*~*The Death Fairy Luna*~* (edwardlovesmeforlife01) what about sunlight?

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vampires and fire????????

message 5: by Ellie (new)

Ellie this is confusing!

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Lionlord | 7 comments What about a 12gauge that could kill them.*shoots vamp in head and heart and it dies.* see!!!!!

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Ellie okay I guess

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Lionlord | 7 comments Wow this group is slow.

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Carlos Reyna (CarlosAlexis) | 6 comments I'm thinking that all of these weaknesses are old school and plus crosses would have no affect on an werewolf

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Evan Sotan (the_wolf_lover) | 2 comments lol kinda true

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