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Carly  (cloud-envy) Name:
Reason they're stranded:

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Name: Samantha Grey (Sam)
Age: 21
Gender: female
Personality: Sam is definately not the girly kind. She hates girls that use text speak and are obsessed with relationships. She herself had just ended a long term relationship, which ended disasterously, and she figured the only way to keep from freaking out was to get away. She doesn't express feelings much, she's had to be strong, and that's the way she is. She also loves messing around with gears and building things, she was very into fixing cars back home.
Kin: brother, Alaric
Crush: open
Reason they're stranded: Sam was getting off a bad break up. Her and her brother decided on a spontaneous trip to get their minds off of their problems.
Other: ---

Name: Alaric Grey
Age: 27
Gender: male
Personality: Alaric is a cold man. He's had a rough life, and has become a cynical about love and relationships because of it. He dislikes people, mostly everyone but his sister is irrelevant. He's always there for her, though, when she really needs him. He was supposed to be having a son with his fiancee, until he found out the baby wasn't his, and left. It didn't take much to figure that out. Alaric is, in a word, brilliant. He's a doctor, just out of medical school a few years back, and loves to read and write. The man knows a lot of useless and useful things.
Kin: Sister, Samantha
Crush: none.
Reason they're stranded: same as sam, a spontaneous trip. Their plane went down and almost everyone died.
Other: ---

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