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Gotham Central, with paperback/hardcover/single issues all listed together -- does this listing work, or should it be split out?

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Cait (tigercait) | 65 comments Mod
Batman: Confidential, books/issues listed together.

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Cait (tigercait) | 65 comments Mod
Batman trade collections include several different comic books series and miniseries by DC Comics.

The following series are included in the Batman title:
* Batman Chronicles
* Batman Archives
* Batman: The Dark Knight Archives
* Batman: The World's Finest Comics Archives
* Batman: The Dynamic Duo Archives
* Showcase Presents: Batman
* Batman Black and White
* Batman: Knightfall
* Batman: No Man's Land
* Batman: New Gotham
* Batman: War Games
* Batman: Hush
* Batman: Under the Hood
* Batman: Elseworlds and subseries
* Batman: Confidential
* and more

Single issues of comic books are not listed individually on Goodreads, but are listed as parts of collections. The Batman title is used for collections of these comic book series:
* Batman
* Detective Comics
* Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight
* Batman: Shadow of the Bat
* Batman: Gotham Knights
* The Batman Chronicles
* and more

Related series:
* Catwoman
* Batgirl
* Robin
* Nightwing
* Red Robin
* Batman and Robin
* Batwoman
* Birds of Prey
* Gotham Central
* Superman/Batman
* Batman and the Outsiders I
* Batman and the Outsiders II
* The Brave and the Bold
* The Greatest Stories Ever Told
* and more

For other series titled Batman which are not related to this series, see:
* The Batman Adventures
* Batman Beyond
* The Batman

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Holy helpful wiki links, Batman!

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Decided to remove The Brave and the Bold from the direct Batman listings, as is is technically under a different title (logic: similar to Superman/Batman or Batman and the Outsiders).

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Needs a cross-reference to DC Super Heroes: Batman (or just a general xref to DCAU? which still needs an umbrella series).

Also, check indiv. subseries for descriptions and cross-links.

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And here's the DCnU Nightwing:

Oof, how many DCnU battitles are there now?

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