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Janny (jannywurts) | 414 comments Do you have a favorite line from this volume? What made you laugh, sparked some thought, moved you, or just plain made you crazy for more?

Alissa | 52 comments I'm still reading but I'd like to share my favorite lines: "you can't let your past write the future" Dakar to Arithon, I think it conveys all the inner change of the Mad Prophet, I like to think this is as much to Arithon, to prompt him never to give in to dispair, as to himself, because he lived on his own skin there's never futility thinking there's always hope.
"You always did like to run things, never mind your crafty knack for making everyone believe that somebody else was in charge". Traithe to Sethvir. This line may look simple and humorous, but it actually made me think more about the feelings of the F7 about Arithon, apart from the need to keep him alive for his essential role against the Mistwraith.
"How often ignorance stings less than knowledge". Asandir to his fellows. I've encountered the same concept several times, and it's a sad truth, I loved the use of the verb "to sting". Both ignorance and knowledge, to many extents bring both a physical and psychological discomfort that stings.
"Since you refused the good grace to die on delivery, Rathain has got a living prince". Caolle to Arithon. A little humor very fitting the cool practicality of Caolle, a character I've come to love very much. Better act than brood (sometimes having thick skin is a bliss).

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Alissa | 52 comments Lysaer: "I act for this cause because there is no one else capable".
He believes it, I'm sure. His self-delusion has reached godly proportions.
Lysaer: "The sweetest gains fall from the jaws of defeat". He's obviously playing his game and taking calculated risks in showing Lirenda his very personal moral priorities, but I don't think he needs to put much effort in his action. The lines above impressed me, and here I thought the only genius was Arithon.

And this before one of the most intense scenes of the book:
"Sithaer's dark furies," Dakar swore. "Why do I stay with you?" "For maudlin entertainment, no doubt" (Arithon).

"Merciful maker," he grumbled. "If I'm overtaxed by any one thing, it's intransigent princes running amok without the saving bad grace of planting even one bastard on a tavern wench". This from Sethvir. I've come to relish each minute of king Eldir/Sethvir interactions, it seems the Ward has a very keen sense of humor.
This reminded me, the Fellowship wants Arithon to live on because of the Mistwraith, the Black Rose Prophecy and the fact he's the last of his line. I sympathize with Sethvir about the latter issue, it doesn't even sound too bad or difficult to do this one favor. Yet again, I thought back to Vastmark, and the prince's encounter with Dalwyn...sounds to me Arithon's going to keep frustrating the Sorcerers' expectations.

Sandra  (sleo) | 1059 comments Yes, indeed he does, lol. And Sethvir is one of my favorite characters.

Alissa | 52 comments I agree Sandra! He's a very intriguing character.
On the whole anyway, I have a hard time disliking characters in this story. Even the "bad guys". I'd gladly bash some skulls, but not out of aversion.

Sandra  (sleo) | 1059 comments Alissa wrote: "I agree Sandra! He's a very intriguing character.
On the whole anyway, I have a hard time disliking characters in this story. Even the "bad guys". I'd gladly bash some skulls, but not out of aversion."

Yes. I agree. Such great characters with depth, not black and white.

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