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message 1: by Missy Ann (new)

Missy Ann (missyanntx) | 63 comments The plan:

September 25th - October 2nd Chapters 1-11
October 3rd - 9th Chapters 12-22
October 10th - 16th Chapters 23-34 + acknowledgements & Too Little, Too Late

We'll have 3 discussion threads 1st Week, 2nd Week, and Finished Reading. So if you don't want any spoliers at all stay out each thread until you have finished that section. But in all honesty I don't think we should get too worried about spoilers, I don't want to inhibit conversation. And after you've finished a section, please do keep coming back to that thread so you can talk about it with the people who are still there reading.

I've also found online a list of discussion questions for this book. If I can I'll break them up and insert them into each sections thread if the questions apply. Otherwise they'll appear in the Finished Reading thread.

Does that sound ok? If you have any ideas or think I need to do something differently please let me know. I'm trying to lead not dictate. :)

message 2: by MelissaC Corum (new)

MelissaC Corum | 30 comments Sounds perfect to me. Thanks so much!

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