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D.C. | 93 comments Mod
I am so sorry, I had completely forgotten about starting this group and I have just read what Nathan has been writing, stirring up trouble. I deleted him once before and somehow he got on again. I have grown in the past year in faith and Christ more than I ever dreamed was possible, He is realer than ever to me and I pray for those that do not know him. Understand that the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, they do not understand love or higher things, mainly because they do not fear God and so do not have Wisdom. Oh please brothers and sisters in Christ be saturated in the word and you will be filled with joy and knowledge. I am sorry that I have not been here for a while, but I now want to help all who have questions and desire truth, I will not put up with people who quarrel because as it is said in proverbs that these people are fools.

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Dovewing | 30 comments Hi again!

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Theresa Tidwell (tidwell77832) | 5 comments My heart cries out for what I have just read. I can't understand how anyone can say there is no God or speak against Christianity. I know there are wolves in sheep clothing that give Christians a bad name. Here is what I experienced this past Sunday.

During services at the Church at Chapel Hill, the Lord told me to go pray over each chair at Go Tell and anoint them with oil with the symbol of the cross. I was overwhelmed when I arrived looking at all the chairs. The Lord broke the chairs down into sections which took my mind from the sea of chairs. I could only drink water after each section.
When I go into a certain place with the Lord, my shoes have to be off, and He instructed me to take my shoes off. I did. The payment was extremely hot and the burning of my feet became a distraction. I asked if I could put my sandals on.
I heard, "People in hell can't put anything on to get away from the discomfort."
I was thankful for the breezes that the Lord sent. I asked one time if I could get a drink, and heard, "People in hell are thirsty, they can't get a drink of water finish this section."
When I was probably a little over half way done, I started seeing these black spirits fleeing.
I had most of the chairs done when my feet couldn't take it anymore. I asked the Lord to forgive me when I went and got my sandals and put them on. After returning back to the praying over the chairs, my legs began to cramp terribly, my head was pounding, and I felt nausea. I said, Lord, I can't finish this. I'm getting heat exhaustion.
I heard, "People in hell can't get away from heat exhaustion."
I continued, and rejoiced knowing I only had three rows left. I was instructed to pray and anoint the chairs in the counseling area. So I did. Then I was instructed to pray over the where people would be coming in at. I met Greg and asked him. He asked me if I had been up on the platform. I told him I hadn't, and I was asked to go pray up there. I did. Greg blessed me with another bottle of water. When I was through, I prayed with some gentlemen about a concern that they had. I told them I wouldn't be back because I needed to cool off and get some rest. But the Lord had other plans. He wouldn't let me rest. I had to go back and pray. To be honest with you, I didn't do much praying, I was more distracted by what was going on around me, and listening to the service.

I know there were permanent changes that were being made in people's lives last night. As for today, I'm exhausted. It is up to whatever the Lord wants me to do.

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