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Charles Lesher | 3 comments I recently published my novel, Shadow on the Moon. It's available on Amazon in paperback and for the Kindle and on my publishers website for the Nook, iPad, Adobe, Microsoft, and Sony Readers. (epub, pdf, mobi, lit)

The tale starts on Earth within the North American Federation but very quickly you find yourself on the moon where you meet the Lunarians, the builders of Aldrin Station and the Republic of Luna. The Islamic Brotherhood attacks and the Lunarians suffer mightily at their hands. They fall back and regroup. Like a freshly sharpened blade, the Lunarians strike back with brutal cunning, but is it enough against the mighty Muslim Empire? If the ending ruins your day, I apologize in advance.

Book Forward:
In a century filled with strife, the dogs of war are gathering once more. By late 2092, climate change and war have devastated the planet. Even thinned by bloodshed, famine, and disease, Earth’s population exceeds 10 billion. Food and water are in short supply, refugee’s number in the hundreds of millions and lawlessness abounds. Humanity is in turmoil.

Religious zealots exploit this despair, claiming it’s God’s punishment for man’s misdeeds. Within the North American Federation, Christian theocracy displaced democracy, plunging once proud America into a Dark Age. On the other side of the planet, the Islamic Brotherhood controls a third of the world from Indonesia, across Asia and the Middle East and well onto the African continent, India the only holdout. China, the leading space faring nation on Earth, allies with the Brotherhood providing them with science and technology for a price. Only within the European Union is there still a semblance of individual freedom. The nations of the world align along sectarian lines as global violence escalates.

In sharp contrast, the Republic of Luna is a technocratic society where information flows freely and nothing is secret, a place governed by humanism and the laws of science. Out of necessity, life on an airless world burrows deep underground and to stay alive, Lunarians unlock nature’s deepest secrets, gaining mastery over the genetic foundations of life itself. In doing so, they become the first true extraterrestrials.

From Washington to Rome to Mecca, when Earth’s theists learn of the Lunarians meddling in human genetics, they denounce them as abominations. Prince Ahmed Mohammed Al Zarqowi, Caliph of the Islamic Brotherhood, believes he can hide behind this turmoil to attack Luna with impunity and create humanity’s first multi-planet empire. To the Caliph this is simply the next step in a plan to bring an unbelieving world under Islamic Law. He unleashes forces intent on destroying the Republic before it’s a half-century-old. 

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