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message 1: by Angela (new)

Angela (angbens) | 343 comments Sorry if this is a repeat topic....

Who has a Kindle? How do you like it? I was thinking of getting a Kindle 3. I iPad is just too much for what I can afford.

message 2: by Gyn (new)

Gyn  (gynh) | 32 comments I have a kindle. I absolutely love reading on it. I would reccommend something that's not backlit. It is easier on the eyes if you read for lo g periods of time. Love that you can use pdf docs on it. If you leave your wireless connection on it does drain the battery quick. Books are available and priced competetively on Amazon. The only thing I am learning to not like is that you are limited pretty much to buying from amazon. I did see that some local libraries were loaning ebooks for a variety of other readers but the kindle wasn't compatible. Those are just a few of my thoughts! Hope it helps.

Lacy♪ ♫Movements of a Demigod ♪ ♫ (lb3553) | 238 comments I absolutely love my Kindle. I highly recommend it for avid readers. It is easier on the eyes than a computer screen and you can adjust the script size so even if you don't see well (like me) you aren't looking at tiny script and straining your eyes. The prices of the book doesn't really bother me because I am paying for the convenience of getting a book right then. I also have seen some libraries that are lending ebooks on other readers. I think it really just depends on how you plan to use it. I normally have just the freebies and new releases on my kindle and then supplement with library book due to budget limitations. I also have been highly impressed with Amazon's customer service. I accidentally dropped my Kindle and it messed up the screen. They overnight shipped me a new Kindle and all I had to do was send the broke one back at no cost to me. They also had all my books preloaded on the new Kindle so I didn't have to do anything. I would recommend them just for the excellent customer service.

message 4: by Dee (last edited Sep 28, 2010 12:05PM) (new)

Dee (austhokie) you also are NOT stuck only at amazon buying books (although i've been told that by multiple reps for other devices - kobo, nook etc)...I get probably about 50% of my stuff from Amazon and 50% from other places - samhein; ellora's cave; siren; loose-id etc...I don't use them, but places like fictionwise you can also get books

message 5: by Carri (new)

Carri (carrifedor) I too am wavering. I really like to hold the actual book, but I have been seeing more and more advertizement for the Kindle and I am definatly interested. To be able to want and then instantly get a book that quickly and convienently is really awesome.

message 6: by Mhollie (new)

Mhollie | 178 comments I adore my Kindle. I love the ease of it. I carry it around with me everywhere I go & no one knows what I am reading! So no more people busting my butt for reading "romance" books because of some of the covers. Plus, most of the Kindle e-books are discounted from the price of the paperback. I love getting a book in less than 2 minutes. Our only bookstore closed in January. So now I would have to drive 30+ miles away for the nearest one if i didn't have the Kindle.

message 7: by Kelleigh (new)

Kelleigh (goodreadscomsunshine2047) I own a kindle 2, and I too am in love with it. I use to get so weighed down ( especially on vacation) having to tote multiple books around. Prices are better for ebooks as well.

I did quite a bit of reserch on e readers out there before deciding on the kindle 2, and I'm extremely happy with my decision.

message 8: by ☺~Tina~☺ (last edited Sep 22, 2010 01:52PM) (new)

☺~Tina~☺ (tina007) | 43 comments I have a Kindle and I do like it. You can get books from other places I think, they just have to have the right format. I haven't tried yet. I just received mine a few weeks ago and I really haven't done anything but read on it. The book prices are not that bad. I have a Sony Reader too (I still love it too) so I can get my libary books that way. And if the books happen to be way to much at Amazon verses some other place like ebooks, kobo, etc then I use my Sony. I haven't see much of a difference from the other stores but it way cheaper than the Sony book store. I rarely bought books from Sony.

As for the ipad. Yes it's pretty very nice. I like to read and that's pretty much it. I just couldn't see letting my hubby buy that so I could read. Plus I read it does give some people eye strain. Plus the commercials rub in you can read on it in the sun, or you can but it has a glare. I just told my hubby to get me a kindle and I think I want a netbook. Those two equal about the price for an ipad.

message 9: by Pickles (new)

Pickles (angstypickles) | 219 comments I've had a Kindle 2 and I recently got a Kindle 3. I love it! I got the K2 as a gift and before then I'd never considered getting one because I didn't think an e-reader could ever replace the feel of having an actual book in my hands. To be honest, I still prefer having a hardcopy of the book, but I won’t deny that the Kindle is mighty convenient. Plus, in some of the genres that I read most of the new releases are e-books and I would hate to have to read them on my computer because of the eyestrain. The fact that you can highlight/bookmark certain passages/pages and look up words by simply putting the curser in front of them is a definite perk. When I read a paperback and I like a passage, I usually write it in my book journal, but with the Kindle I just highlight it, click, and it’s saved to “My Clippings.” In addition to that, you can read magazines and newspapers on the Kindle, shop for books, surf the ‘net, and it’ll even read some of the books to you using the text-to-speech option.

So, the bottom line is that I still purchase and enjoy hard covers and paperbacks, but I’d recommend the Kindle for its convenience and special features. Being able to carry around hundreds of books in one slender device is awesome, especially if you like to travel or if you’re like me and want to have a book with you wherever you go. Plus, unlike the iPad (which I also want, but can’t afford), you can read the Kindle in bright light or sunshine without any issues. The only thing I’d say the Kindle is lacking is the lending feature that the Nook has. With the Nook, you can lend books to other people who own Nooks, but you can’t do that with the Kindle (yet). If they implemented that feature, the Kindle would be pretty much perfect. But, still, even despite the fact that you can’t lend out books, I still chose to buy the Kindle 3 over the Nook. I just prefer having the QWERTY keyboard on the outside instead of a touch-screen and I’m a big fan of Amazon in general.

message 10: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) personally, for me the lending feature isn't all that on the nook, since you can only do it once per book, but I know some people really like it and some groups keep a list of books that people have which you can loan...

if you know others with kindles, they can also be registered to your account and you can share books that way - my mom is on she will periodically email me and say can you get me this book, or this is a freebie (normally when she forgets my amazon log-in info)

message 11: by Michelegg (new)

Michelegg (mggoertzen) Love my Kindle. I never thought I could give up my real books, but discovered I could. The ability to hold a 500 page book lying in bed with no hand pain is awesome. And then to be able to take my whole 700 book library on vacation is priceless. Definitely getva Kindle!

message 12: by Angela (last edited Sep 23, 2010 03:42AM) (new)

Angela (angbens) | 343 comments I ordered one yesterday! I decided to get it. I got the new 3G one, that just came out last month. I decided to get it because I keep alot of my books (my hardcovers or favorites), and I am just running out of room. There are just times, that I don't like to haul a book around.

I know I will get alot of use out of it. Since it is more compact I can take it easier instead of packing 2-3 books with me. I also hunt in the fall, and I can sit in a tree stand or blind easier with that.

Lacy♪ ♫Movements of a Demigod ♪ ♫ (lb3553) | 238 comments Congrats Angela!! I hope you love it as much as the rest of us do.

message 14: by Kathy (new)

Kathy (mrsworldwidewebb) I will tell you one thing...Your Kindle will become a part of you like a cell phone...LOL You will feel lost without it and it will go everywhere...LOL... It is like a bad habit! lol Anyway, avid readers need a kindle...Books collect LOTS OF DUST :) LOL Just my thoughts! btw, I LOVE MY KINDLE!!

message 15: by Mhollie (new)

Mhollie | 178 comments Kathy wrote: "I will tell you one thing...Your Kindle will become a part of you like a cell phone...LOL You will feel lost without it and it will go everywhere...LOL... It is like a bad habit! lol Anyway, avid..."

Yeah...I am never without my Kindle. It has become an extension of me.

message 16: by Kelleigh (new)

Kelleigh (goodreadscomsunshine2047) CONGRATS on becoming a kindle owner! You'll love every minute of it!

: )

message 17: by Yusra (new)

Yusra Asaad (desert_rose) | 1 comments My Kindle2 is my best friend.. I never go anywhere without it.. sometimes even the bathroom :)

I'm considering getting the Kindle3 since it's lighter and smaller, plus I could have it as a backup device ;) *convincing myself*

message 18: by Qylie (new)

Qylie | 39 comments I haven't found a format i couldn't put on the kindle. Why do you think you can't get library books on it? You can use Calibre ( to convert just about anything. The new kindles all have wifi and if you use your instead of the paid one you can send books to your kindle for free. If you don't email you can always use the charging cable i just tend to misplace mine.

If you keep the 3g/wifi off the kindle lasts forever without needing a charge and charges really fast.

They hold their value relatively well i sold my kindle 2 right before the kindle 3's were shipping for 140. I bought the wifi only model for 140 and am very happy.

message 19: by Angela (last edited Sep 24, 2010 03:32PM) (new)

Angela (angbens) | 343 comments I wish they would ship it already! *waiting impatiently* I already have a huge wishlist on Amazon for ebooks, and I have been browsing my libraries ebooks too.

message 20: by Camille-Dhark Nytmhare (last edited Sep 24, 2010 05:04PM) (new)

Camille-Dhark Nytmhare | 42 comments I just got my Kindle3 last night. Yay me! I originally ordered it with free shipping. But became extremely impatient and upgraded to 1 day shipping. With the money I am going to save buying ebooks, it was worth upgrading. I am going to love this product. I agree Kathy that Kindle will become as vital to me as my cell phone and ITouch.

message 21: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) hey can start ordering books and they'll show up the first time you connect your kindle to the 3g or long as it has been registered to yhour account

message 22: by Michelegg (new)

Michelegg (mggoertzen) Camille what do you think? Are you loving it?

Angela I hope they ship it soon. I can't wait to hear what you think.

My DH surprised me and ordered me a K3 this week. He won't tell me when to expect it so I will be going nuts till it arrives. I'm going to use my K2 as a lender, so I can share my ebooks, the less adult ones LOL with my DDs.

Camille-Dhark Nytmhare | 42 comments OMG Michele. I don't know what to do with myself right now. Trying to figure out how to read 10 books at a time. I stayed home yesterday from work for my delivery which didn't come til damn near 8pm. Mad as hell b/c UPS is 3 blocks from my home. 3 BLOCKS!!!!Stayed up til 4am reading the manual and just BSing.

message 24: by Amber (new)

Amber Hoxit (clove311) | 43 comments I bought my Kindle back in February and before that did alot of research. At that time, the only other bigger name e-reader out there was the sony and I didn't like having to connect it to a computer before I could read anything. Then the nook came out right before I made my final decision but because it was so new and i was worried about bugs in the system. I've had my kindle for months, have never had an issue and I adore it. I am involved in a few different series right now and when I finish one book, I don't have to wait till the next day or make a midnight run to walmart to get the next one. I keep samples of the books i want to read and as soon as I finish one, I get into those and begin again. With my kindle i've read about 75-85 books in the last 7 months. I definately recommend getting the kindle, whichever model you can afford.

message 25: by Anita (new)

Anita (a1momgram) | 32 comments I'm going to jump in here and say I also LOVE my Kindle. I received the K2 as a gift in March and have been a reading machine ever since. I did let my 74 year old mother borrow it to read a book on and she was hooked so my sisters and I got her one for Mother's Day. Neither of us can read DTB anymore. Both of us purchased the new Kindle this month and are loving the new features. Mom gave her K2 to my sister and I setup mine for the teens in the house. 17 year old nephew was here yesterday and did his I have nothing to do speech. So I grabed the K2 and handed to him and said "read a book". He sat there for hours and read. If I had handed him a book he would not have even bothered.

message 26: by Michelegg (new)

Michelegg (mggoertzen) Lol Camille at trying to read 10 books at once. I do the same thing. It must be having so much variety right at ones fingertips. It's like Christmas, trying to decide which new toy to play with first. Enjoy your day with your Kindle.

Anita what is it that makes the Kindle so much more appealing to kids than a book. Must be that tech thing so common to their generation. So gad to know that the lender idea is working for you, it's definitely what I'm going to do with my K2, you convinced me.

message 27: by Tania (new)

Tania Just to add something to the debate... I've got an iPad and it is brilliant. What I would say to the "too expensive" issue is that an iPad for me is acting as my library, tv, diary, note taker, mini computer etc so it was worth it. As I use the iPad for reading reference texts with colour images I need to zoom in on it was a no brainer to wait and save the extra money. It's all how you will actually be using the device.

The only time I actually consider getting a kindle as well as my iPad is due to the weight. Oh, who am I kidding, it's not that heavy I just want a new toy. :)

I think the main thing is that whatever e-reader you decide to switch to there are so many factors involved only you can make the right choice for you. You won't regret it though. Being able to carry around a couple of thousand books at any one time... who can resist?

message 28: by Michelegg (new)

Michelegg (mggoertzen) Tania I'm LOL at you wanting a new toy. I got an Ipad in June. I'm in love with both of my toys. How did we ever survive without an Ipad? I haven't touched my laptop since. And seriously you would love the Kindle precisely for rhe weight issue. If you are a bed reader, being able to lay on your side in bed and read a huge book with no pain is delish!

Fani *loves angst* (fanip) I recently read that in Kindle, you cannot change the battery yourself but have to send it back to Amazon to do it for you. Is that correct? Has anyone needed to do this or even after 2-3 years of usage, the battery is still working fine?

message 30: by Qylie (new)

Qylie | 39 comments I have had my kindle for 2 years and never had to change the battery. You do get a 1 year warranty so if you battery craps out before then they replace it for free. A bunch of people bought SquareTrade warranties for thier kindles they had some deal i think it was less then 30 dollars or something. Its on the amazon forums.

message 31: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) AFAIK - part of the reasoning behind getting rid of the interchangable battery/ removing the sD slot was that when kindles were sent back because they were broken...the predominance of issues came from those two items. I have an original K1 and it is still working fine after 2 years, had my K2 for nearly a year and its still going strong...I figure by the time the battery needs to be replaced i'll be due for a new one

Fani *loves angst* (fanip) Thank you both! It seems that battery replacement is not an issue after all:)

message 33: by Pickles (new)

Pickles (angstypickles) | 219 comments Delicious Dee the book slut wrote: "personally, for me the lending feature isn't all that on the nook, since you can only do it once per book, but I know some people really like it and some groups keep a list of books that people hav..."

You can only lend a book out once? I hadn't heard that! Sounds pretty weak to me! What's the point of adding a lending feature if you're going to limit it to once per book? I can understand setting a time-limit on it or having it so that you can't access the book while it's on loan to someone else, but I don't get why they wouldn't let you lend out a book as often as you wanted. Weird.

My mom will be getting a K3 for Christmas, but I hadn't considered just putting her on my Kindle account. For the most part she doesn't read the same things that I do, so I couldn't see us borrowing books from each other very often anyway.

message 34: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) yep...originally it was supposed to be unlimited sharing, but the publishers got mad...they can also opt out of the sharing, its not required for all books - at one time, I don't know how up to date these stats are, but only something like 50% of books allowed the sharing...

message 35: by Pickles (new)

Pickles (angstypickles) | 219 comments Weird! Why would the publishers get so mad? I mean, if you bought the book as a hardcover or paperback, you could lend it out a thousand times if you wanted to. With the Nook, you'd at least be limited to other people who owned Nooks.

message 36: by Carri (new)

Carri (carrifedor) The book club I am in (Just us girls, JUGS) decided that we are all going to put in $15 each and buy a kindle and one of us is going to win it for Christmas!

message 37: by Pickles (new)

Pickles (angstypickles) | 219 comments That's a cool idea, Carri!

BTW, I like the name of your book club. :)

message 38: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) wow that's awesome Carri! if any of the others decide to get a kindle you could also set up a group account - figure out a way to buy books (maybe gift cards that people contribute to) and then up to 6 of you could be reading the book at once

message 39: by Regina (new)

Regina (reginar) Delicious Dee the book slut wrote: "you also are stuck only at amazon buying books (although i've been told that by multiple reps for other devices - kobo, nook etc)...I get probably about 50% of my stuff from Amazon and 50% from oth..."

Actually not true! You can buy from any vendor that sells in a compatible format. I buy from ellorascave, fictonwise, booksonboard, baenbooks, smashwords and others!

I love my Kindle -- I have had it for a year. And I love the sharing accout function -- I share with my neighbor and have gotten and given a bunch of books to many friends.

message 40: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) whoops yeah that was a was you are NOT stuck buying stuff only from Amazon...and the rest of my post clarifies that (since I state that about 50% of my stuf comes from Amazon and 50% from other places)

message 41: by Regina (new)

Regina (reginar) LOL!!! :) I should have known b/c I learned about buying from some of those stores from you! :) I missed the part in the rest of your post (I thought you meant you buy your stuff there so you would miss it if you had a kindle, lol).

message 42: by Rebecca (last edited Sep 28, 2010 05:23PM) (new)

Rebecca (bexda47) I'm probably not adding anything new to the discussion. But I have both an iPad and a Kindle 2. I love both. When I read, I always go to the Kindle. It's just easier on the eyes. Plus, I prefer the smaller size of the Kindle. I can hold it in one hand and still change the page. That's why I went with the smaller Kindle as opposed to the DX.

message 43: by Heather (new)

Heather (sparkleyturtle) | 151 comments I think that you can only lend it out one at a time on the nook. Not just once. So, you can only lend the book to Jane for two weeks and not Jane and Mary. That was the way I understood it.

message 44: by Regina (new)

Regina (reginar) Heather, my understanding is that you can never lend the book again -- but I could be wrong. That certain books (as limited by the publisher on the Nook) can be lent for 2 weeks, not renewable and nobody else can read it while it is being lent -- and that it is a one time thing.

message 45: by Angela (new)

Angela (angbens) | 343 comments I will be delivered today! I can't wait until I get home from work and can get it all charged up!

Camille-Dhark Nytmhare | 42 comments Angela wrote: "I will be delivered today! I can't wait until I get home from work and can get it all charged up!"

Yay for you Angela. You will love it. You can actually use it straight out the box as long as you keep it on the charger. I learned from reading these threads to not delay in organizing my kindle downloads. They can overwhelm you quickly. I've read in another post where someone has to organize 1,000 books on her kindle. YIKES!!

message 47: by Michelegg (new)

Michelegg (mggoertzen) Angela wrote: "I will be delivered today! I can't wait until I get home from work and can get it all charged up!"

So what do you think Angela?

My Kindle 3 came today. DH surprised me, it was all gift wrapped and everything. I've spent all evening transferring my Collections and beginning the downloading process. I have over 700 books so it will take me a couple of days and then I have to clear off my Kindle 2 of anything I wouldn't want my DDs to read. You know all the smut I have collected over the years. Lol. Wouldn't want to corrupt their innocent minds. But oh what a tough job, and with the Wireless feature the downloads are almost instant, it's amazing.

Anyway, I'm loving it!!!!

message 48: by Tania (new)

Tania Camille *njnubian* wrote: "Angela wrote: "I will be delivered today! I can't wait until I get home from work and can get it all charged up!"

Yay for you Angela. You will love it. You can actually use it straight out the ..."

I have nearly a thousand books on my ipad- is that a bad thing?

Free kindle books - love em...

message 49: by Camille-Dhark Nytmhare (last edited Sep 30, 2010 07:17PM) (new)

Camille-Dhark Nytmhare | 42 comments Damn Tania and Michele. All those books!!!! I only have 66 e-books to read so far. And I'm already overwhelmed with choosing which books to start first. You ladies won't come up for air for the next 2-3 years!!!!! How does one find time to even be on this forum?!! BTW congrats Michele and Angela on your new delivery.

message 50: by Michelegg (new)

Michelegg (mggoertzen) Is having too many books ever a bad thing? Lol. I'm with you, free Kindle books just rock.

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