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message 1: by Krystal (last edited Nov 20, 2010 06:03PM) (new)

Krystal (krystal_f) | 1609 comments Welcome to our Wonderful World of Twilight Lovers!!!

We understand that it's easy to feel overwhelmed and like the new kid in school when you first join a very active group like this one. We want you to feel welcome!! There are lots of folders, discussion threads, games. etc, so here are just some basics to help get you started!

1. First stop by the Welcome/New Folder to Introduce yourself to the group! We want to get to know you!!

2. Then participate in our discussions. We recommend you start with what interests you most and skim though the posts. Eventually you'll get a feel for who's who and what we're all about. Please follow these simple rules as you do so:

 - Check the boards for a thread that is 
similar to the topic you wish to discuss. To cut
down on the number of repetitive threads, we
would rather see us breathe new life into an
older one by simply posting to it, and reviving
the discussion that way.

- If you are creating a new topic, having checked
the boards and found no thread similar to your
topic, please post it in the corresponding

3. Our only group rules are that you respect each other, no cursing or text talk, and that you have Fun!!!

Hope this helps and thanks for joining!!!!!!

- The Moderators (Stephanie, Krystal, and Sharon)

message 2: by Krystal (last edited Nov 20, 2010 05:38PM) (new)

Krystal (krystal_f) | 1609 comments Here are links to the folders, if you ever want to do a quick scan of them before posting something:

General Folder
Books in the Twilight Series
Twilight Movie
New Moon Movie
Eclipse Movie
Breaking Dawn Movie
Characters and Cast
Misc Twilight Stuff
Books (non-Twilight)
Movies (non-Twilight)
Random/Un-Twilight Related

If you are unsure of which folder to place it in, leave the folder blank. It will automatically be sent to the "General" folder and we will move it to the proper folder for you. If we have not made a folder for something please message one of us so that we can.
I doubt you'll be asking us to make a new folder, though. We have one for nearly every topic, as you can see.

message 3: by Heather (new)

Heather Henry | 1 comments people can be so mean to twilight lovers :'(

message 4: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Huxford (blackpanthershay) | 737 comments Mod
What happened Heather?

message 5: by Kayla (new)

Kayla Hi, Haylee!

Hey Amy!

Welcome! It's nice to have you both here.

message 6: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Huxford (blackpanthershay) | 737 comments Mod
Welcome to the group Haylee!!

message 7: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Huxford (blackpanthershay) | 737 comments Mod
Welcome to the group Amy!!!

message 8: by christy (new)

christy (superninja) | 2 comments hi,:)
my name is christy.....
send me a friend request new 2 goodreads :))

message 9: by Stephanie, Loves Vamps and Werewolves but Zombies scare me!! (new)

Stephanie | 4175 comments Mod
Welcome to the group everyone!! I hope you enjoy it here.

message 10: by Maria (new)

Maria Ochoa | 3 comments Hello everyone my name is Maria im a big fan of Twilight I read all the books, and i love the movies I'm happy to join this group


message 11: by Stephanie, Loves Vamps and Werewolves but Zombies scare me!! (new)

Stephanie | 4175 comments Mod
Welcome to the group =)

message 12: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (steph1129) | 1 comments Hi, I'm Steph and just joined this group the other day. Just actually joined goodreads to and love it so far. Happy to be in the group;)

message 13: by Stephanie, Loves Vamps and Werewolves but Zombies scare me!! (new)

Stephanie | 4175 comments Mod
Welcome to the group Steph!!!

message 14: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (ashleymabus) | 5 comments Hello My name is Ashley, I am so addicted to Twilight.I've read all the books. My room is decked out in Twilight Posters and Photos. My favorite couple is of course Bella and Edward!! I will be re-reading the series in Sept and October to get ready for Breaking Dawn Part 1. Which I cannot wait for!! I am glad to meet fellow Twilight Lovers!!

message 15: by Kallie (last edited Apr 12, 2011 09:43PM) (new)

Kallie Hudson  (catcat) | 2 comments hello my name is kallie and i justed fell in love with twilight when i read them iv read all of them and waiting for the next movie to come. im very happy to be in this group

message 16: by Jenny (new)

Jenny | 1 comments Hi. My name is Jenny and I have read all the twilight books and have been to the first showing of New Moon and Eclipse. I have been Twilight crazy ever since I finished the first book and I am totally TEAM EDWARD.haha

Cassandra Bieber  (cassandrabieber3) | 9 comments Hello, Im Cassandra and Im new to this group.
I love Twilight and would love to speak with others with the same passion! I also Love Jacob !! He is so HOT! Thanks

message 18: by Chernobog (new)

Chernobog Hello fellow twilight lovers

I'm Chernobog

message 19: by Krystal (new)

Krystal (krystal_f) | 1609 comments Hello to everyone who has joined recently! Welcome to this great group!

message 20: by Stephanie, Loves Vamps and Werewolves but Zombies scare me!! (new)

Stephanie | 4175 comments Mod
Hello everyone!! It is nice to see that so many people still love twilight or have just discovered the series!! Welcome to the group I hope you enjoy it and make some new twilight loving friends!!

message 21: by Lourdes (new)

Lourdes (yabookslave) Hi! *waves*
I'm Dhezza, 20 years old from Philippines. TWILIGHT addict and TEAM EDWARD. I read all the books including The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. I also enjoyed the movies. Looking forward to watch Breaking Dawn Part 1 on the big screen. And I have this habit of re-reading when the movie is coming. Hope we can all be friends! :)

Just send me a request! Good day ahead everyone. :)

message 22: by Katina (last edited Apr 24, 2011 09:00PM) (new)

Katina (kate_22) Hey!

I'm Katina, I love Twilight and I am Team Jacob and Team Carlisle. I know right it's totally twisted but what can I say I am so enamoured with the story. BTW I hope S.Meyer continues with Jacob and Nessie's story. I'd love to know the specifics of that relationship

* Tina *

message 23: by Krystal (new)

Krystal (krystal_f) | 1609 comments Welcome Katina and Dhezza!

message 24: by Katina (new)

Katina (kate_22) Hi Krystal and Dhezza!

message 25: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly  (vampirequeen33) Hi I'm Kimberly. add me if you like too. i always like making new friends :)

message 26: by feling (new)

feling | 1 comments Hello I'm Feling and I love Twilight! I wasn't too sure about the books at first but after reading a few chapters I was hooked!

message 27: by Lucy (new)

Lucy  (runswithflyingdolphins) Hey I'm Lucy. I've read all the Twilight books four times each. I even knew the script in my head to the twilight film, I don't anymore but, thats how OBSESSED I was and still am ;)

message 28: by Krystal (new)

Krystal (krystal_f) | 1609 comments Lol....welcome to the group Lucy and Feling!

message 29: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Huxford (blackpanthershay) | 737 comments Mod
Welcome Dhaval, Lucy and Feling!!!

message 30: by Krystal (new)

Krystal (krystal_f) | 1609 comments Welcome Dhaval!

message 31: by Landy (new)

Landy Jimenez (landylan) | 1 comments Hi, my name is Landy, I love the Twilight saga, and have read the books at least 4 times, that is except New Moon (my least fave of the books).

message 32: by Lucy (new)

Lucy  (runswithflyingdolphins) Hey Landy!

message 33: by Pitchblack (new)

Pitchblack | 7 comments Hola my name is Weiry aka Pitch Black. I am a huge Twilight fan. I loved all the books but my favorite was Midnight Sun which she didn't finish bOOOOOOOOOOOO! Then i would have to say Twilight and New Moon the other three were okay but I'm a fan so it was good enough for me. I have an entire twilight room at home and in order for any book to get in there it has to be good; it has to be related to vamps or wolves. I've read all the twi books and I recently came across a book that is a bit similar but in some many ways different....Walkers By Kyra Gates I don't want to give anything away...don't pay attention to the typos I've notice those in quite a few peoples book. Then I sort of liked Turned and Loved by Morgan rice; I'm getting ready for part 3 of that. Wish me luck

message 34: by Krystal (new)

Krystal (krystal_f) | 1609 comments Welcome pitchblack and landy

message 35: by Lucy (new)

Lucy  (runswithflyingdolphins) HI Pitchblack

message 36: by yomi (new)

yomi | 5 comments hi im joy, im from the philippines, im new to this group, im new to goodreads actually so hello :))

message 37: by Heather (new)

Heather (blueyedevil77) Hello my name is Heather and I love twilight. I love the books and the movies. I watched the movies first and then got sucked into the books even quicker. I enjoyed every second of both. Im so glad to see that theres a group for twilight fans!!!

message 38: by Lucy (new)

Lucy  (runswithflyingdolphins) Hey Yomi and Heather!

message 39: by Stephanie, Loves Vamps and Werewolves but Zombies scare me!! (new)

Stephanie | 4175 comments Mod
Welcome to the group everyone!!

message 40: by Pat (new)

Pat (corene) | 5 comments I love Twilight. I just finished FATEFUL by CHERI SCHMIDT and it is wonderful. I'm reading the second book now. It is: Fractured. If you loved the twilight books, you must read these two books. They are great. Let me know if you like them. My name is Pat. Thanks

message 41: by Lucy (new)

Lucy  (runswithflyingdolphins) Hey Pat!

message 42: by Joy (new)

Joy | 1 comments hey I am new and trying to look for some good books to read I feel like whenever i walk into a book store and go to my section I have all of them on the shelves I am a vampire werewolf kind of girl, any suggestions??? xxxx

message 43: by Lucy (new)

Lucy  (runswithflyingdolphins) Have you read 'Shiver'?? Or 'Sisters red'? maybe..'Evernight'...:)

message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

Hello, my name is Ella and I live in England! I have read the Twilight Saga three times. I have also read the House Of Night series twice and am currently reading The Morganville Vampires series(I have read other books too)and I have enjoyed every single book in each series!! :D

message 45: by Lucy (new)

Lucy  (runswithflyingdolphins) Hey Ella i'm Lucy! I live in England too :) OMG you should join the House Of Night group!!!!!

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

Which group, I have found loads!?!?

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

Thanks, have now joined!!

message 49: by Lucy (new)

Lucy  (runswithflyingdolphins) YAY! :)

message 50: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  Consiglio-Wolff (jrzgirl_1967) | 1 comments Hi everyone! I am Lisa Anne. I am 43 year old Jersey Girl who now lives in North Carolina (hence the reason why I go by Lisa Anne, some of my Southern friends made me use my middle name when I first moved here) and it will be three years ago this August that I discovered and sunk my teeth into the Twilight Saga! I was a girl crazed! It started with the first book which I devoured in a day and a half. I couldn't sleep or eat without thinking Cullen. I had to get my hands on the rest of the series and I never looked back!

I have re-read the novels three times since and am getting the itch to re-read them, again soon.

I can't even tell you how many times I have re-watched the movies...when I need a Cullen or Jacob Black fix I just go to the films.

Brilliant characters and fantastic storytelling on behalf of the author! I hope she will write more novels soon especially if using the characters we all know and love.

I still wish Ms. Meyers would finish and re-lease Midnight Sun. I would love to add it to my bookshelf!

I thank the Twilight Saga for getting me back into reading some of the wonderful works in the Young Adult genre. Here I have always felt 16 at heart but didn't think it was cool to read the books!

I figured, if others women my age can read them then, so can I and, it gives me something to talk about with my friends teen daughters who enjoy these novels and other YA novels as much as I do. When I am not reading a classic, I will always grab for a YA novel!


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