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message 1: by Meg, Meg with Wings (new)

Meg (megkelly) | 109 comments Mod
With every day that passes in September we get closer to knowing about what happens in Crescendo. Any ideas on what will happen? Do you think we will met a great new character? (Come on, be creative. Make up a character of your own that you wish would be introduced)

message 2: by Aleisha (new)

Aleisha  Murphy | 5 comments I reckon there just might be another hottie coming into the story, even though Patch is awesomeXD And there will obviously be some other new bad-arse thing appearing like last time, and I'm just thinking, maybe Mia is like the bad person in this one or something like that, maybe she's been changed into an evil being or was already like that in Hush Hush ?...

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