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"What if?"

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message 1: by April-lyn (new)

April-lyn (galatea) | 2 comments A friend (now boyfriend) and I have been meeting for a few hours each weekend for about five years now to read aloud together, and the most recent book we finished was Oryx and Crake (we'll be starting The Year of the Flood this Sunday). I'm excited about this discussion group happening in the midst of us reading your books!

Now, the question I wanted to ask: What was the original idea or ideas that inspired you to write Oryx and Crake, the "What if?" questions that sparked the story into life? How long was it before those ideas actually grew into something big enough for you to start writing the novel? Are there ideas you thought you would explore or wanted to explore but ended up not fitting into the final story?

message 2: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Bennett (bennettauthor) | 4 comments There are some on-line interviews with Atwood about just this topic, and she mentions several specific things: being in the arctic and seeing the effects of global warming herself, the anthrax threat ("poisoning the well" she says, is an old story), and the fact that what used to be pure science fiction is now pure science (like the glowing bunnies--which are real!). Look for the interview. It's great.

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