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What are the best books? What Makes them great?

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Terry | 12 comments Mod
What books have you read that you've enjoyed. No, not enjoyed: LOVED. What titles have made you laugh out loud, shed a tear (or at least get a lump in your throat), want to change yourself or the world? What book has altered the way you see yourself, your people, your country, your world? Elaborate.

Use my sample as a model. Be at least as thoughtful and reflective, and read the posts above yours, making mention of relevant connections.

Although this is on the internet, please make use of conventional English spelling and grammatical constructions. Also, use the 'add book/author' button to help readers follow your recommendations.

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Terry | 12 comments Mod
There are so many good books, I barely know where to begin. My all time favorite book at that moment is The Road. It isn't the sort of book to which most high school students would connect: it moves at a deathly creep, focusing on the relationship between a father and his son. Still, their relationship was powerful to watch ebb and flow.

When I was a junior, I loved fantasy and science fiction. I read Stranger in a Strange Land when I was sixteen, and was blown away by this story of an alien come to Earth. I'd read other books by the author that were mere adventure stories, but this one had profound implications, making me question truth and the nature of reality. Another book I enjoyed at the same time was Cry, the Beloved Country. This tale of South Africa was in some ways more alien than "Stranger's" Martian. By reading this, I began to believe, to understand that the world was far, far larger and more interesting than I knew, and it feed my desire to see more of it.

Some of my other favorites you might check out include: Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The Knife of Never Letting Go, Audrey, Wait!, Swim the Fly, The Wanderers. I'm sure there are many, many I've forgotten about.

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Josh Trinidad | 7 comments You picked out a book for me call Boy Minus Girl After a few pages I was hooked. Reading about a boy who just wants a girl and then his Uncle Ray comes to his house. Uncle Ray tells him about amazing stories, and adventure and then main character wants him to be his mentor with the ladies. Uncle Ray's past becomes the main character's hatred toward him. I love this book, it reminds myself that someday that special girl will be there for you, just have to be patient. I will recommend this book for people that likes humor, and also action.

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Sergio Muñoz | 4 comments i like dean koontz cuz he sort of mystery and a little bit of fantazy he gives it that voice that i like and well makes me laugh some times because of the things he sais that sometimes are like not soppese to be there or makes coments about wierd stuff but i like it cuz theres always action in the book and well it just never staop i sort od read a couple book that he's got like Tick Tock, Velocity , Odd Thomas and i think they are great book cuz it keep me in it and before i read this book well i dident like reading but know this has given me something else to do and i like dean hes the best!!!

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Marcus Walker | 3 comments I just got done reading Lord Loss by Darren Shan. I really liked this book. It was full of adventure and some really crazy, unrealistic, out of this dimension stuff. I highly recommend this book because it keeps you very interested in what you are reading and will not let you down.

I like action books because they keep you reading and thinking of whats ganna happen next. Last year i read the Anthony Horowitz collection with the books: Stormbreaker, Point Blank, Skeleton Key, and so on.. Those books are full of action and fighting as a young kid becomes a spy and goes on missions to fight against bad people all over the world with a new adventure everytime.

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Autumn | 4 comments One book that blew me away was Thirteen Reasons Why. Since I got it last year, I've read it three or four times. It's a powerful book about a girl's suicide and those she left behind. As I read, I could practically hear Hannah and Clay (it's a double narrative), almost picture scene after scene, feel every emotion after gritting emotion. The book made me cry, made me stay up till 3 a.m. to finish, and most importantly made me think.

Another great book would be Unwind. Kind of weird at first, but once you get the setting, it gets INTENSE.
Although a little childish, I would also recomend the Percy Jackson series

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William Powell | 7 comments One of the best books I ever read was Where the Red Fern Grows. That book was very detailed and was very moving to me. The author of this book filled in every spot they could with details and the book kept me on my feet. Im not really a person to read alot but that book was really good to me and I would most deffinately read it again ^_^. What I think makes good book is something that doesnt have a dull moment in it at all and is full of details and never has the same situation happen. I like a book to be unique and have its own style and I always like alittle bit funny stuff in my readings too. Things that i think make a bad book are books that barely have detail and have long conversations with people that dont go anywere. Books like that make me want to go to sleep which makes me ultra sad face :(. Also the book that i am reading now wich is caleld Cross is really good and it keeps me interested even though the main character is a pshyco killin rapist crazy mobster guy.

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Megan | 7 comments One book that I would say was the best book I have read so far was a book called Thr3e. Its a very detailed book written by Ted Dekker. The book was written in such a way that captured me and left me wanting to read more and more. This was very interesting because Ted Dekker wrote in suck a dark way that at first your kind of confused but after a while you can figure out whats going on and which character your reading about next.
This book is very detailed but, in a good way and when I mean descriptive. While your reading the book Thr3e you can picture everything that is going on and you can kind of picture how the characters look and sound inside of your head and I think that this is very neat.
Some other books that I have read are Lucas, Getting the Girl, Crank, Glass, The Night I Disappeared, Thirteen Reasons Why, The House on Hound Hill and many more.

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Anthony | 1 comments Terry wrote: "What books have you read that you've enjoyed. No, not enjoyed: LOVED. What titles have made you laugh out loud, shed a tear (or at least get a lump in your throat), want to change yourself or the w..."

My favorite book I have ever read was Hatchet. That book made me think of how much people such as kids and even teens depend on their parents/gaurdians. The book Hatchet is about a boy who got lost in the woods in Canada all by himself and has to live off of the land.

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Josh Lun | 6 comments Some of the books that I have read the REALLY made me feel like I was in the story experiencing it in first person are: Lord Brocktree; Salamandastron; Martin the Warrior; etc... Each of these books really grabbed me when reading about the action unfolding before me. (SPOILER!!!) In the book Lord Brocktree, at the end of the end of the book is the final battle between Lord Brocktree and a Wildcat fight to the death for control of the mountain of Salamandastron, the home of Badger Kings. By the way, every character in this book is an animal, which I thought was really interesting. Definitely a good book series, I recommend to anyone wanting an action/fantasy type of book.

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William Powell | 7 comments no one shall beat me ^_^ hahaha

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William Powell | 7 comments you better watch out christina!!!!!!

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Stephers:) | 4 comments The book i picked that appears to be most interesting to me is You, Maybe. It talks about a high school romance that many girls seem to relate to. After reading the first few pages i couldnt stop reading. It was very interesting and mind blowing. i managed to finnish the whole book in one night. I wasnt able to take my eyes off the book. i recomend this book for girls who like romance.

Another book i liked was A Child Called It. Its a very tragic story about a boy who is abused by his own mother. It was really sad and touching to read but it was a really good book.

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Jacob Whitlock | 7 comments i'm all most done reading the new world order by ben jeapes. It is a great book it has a lot of wars and adventure and some part that will make you laught it like a past and present book it take place in england 1645 it will recomend james pattrson,percy jackson their are a lot of books I like but the one that get me are sic fiction and adenvture books

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Christina | 1 comments I haven't been the best reader all my life, I've only been interseted in reading, until nineth grade. Mrs. Jones is an amazing teacher and she got me to readBurned, that book was an amazing book and I ALMOST cried. There is a book that did make me cry, made me think, made me RELATE. been there, done that, and made it makes me love the book I read. The book that made me cry was A Child Called "It". You need to check it out and love it!!

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Brooke Nichole | 5 comments I haven't really read that many books, but out of those that I have read, my favorite would be The Giver, hands down. I have read it twice and still there are parts that surprise me. The story of a utopian society was thrilling and strange. As Mr. DeBarger would put it, it was more of a window for me. It made me really appretiate my life and freedom. Another book that i loved and couldn't put down was The Last Song. I thought it was going to be all about Ronnie and her summer romance, but it was deeper than that. I wont give away the twist, but i definetly recommend it. It made me cry several times, but I cry a lot easier than most people, so im not sure if it will have the same effect on you.

The Last Song

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Jesse Ogg | 5 comments The best books are the type of books that make you feel strong emotions. Usualy my favorite types are verry detailed and dark, but everyone has there own taist. Since last year I have realy enjoyed Stephen King. The way he uses all of his chericters to his detailing advantage is beyond me. He builds up certian chericters so much that when something happens i can't help but feel strongly about it.

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Jennifer Kim | 6 comments I know there are lots of books in the world but honestly I don't read that often and I am really not close to books.For me the most rememberable book was Foreverby Judy blume.I really enjoyed it and flowed with it because it was about relationships in my age.

This book gave me different view of relationships and broke my thoughts that love isn't always happay and it isn't always like fairy tale stories.I always thought that good relationship would last forever but after I read this book I knew everything changes and also relatioships could change too.This book helped me not to hold somebody whom I don't feel comfortable about.

I would recomend this book to people who are struggling with relationships.

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Kaytlynn | 3 comments Terry wrote: "What books have you read that you've enjoyed. No, not enjoyed: LOVED. What titles have made you laugh out loud, shed a tear (or at least get a lump in your throat), want to change yourself or the w..."

There are plenty of books I have read and plenty I'm still so interested in reading. One book that really got me started on really enjoying books was The Long Road Home by Danielle Steel. I loved the story, how it was so unpredictable, like when you thought the book was gonna end with something happy, theres another twist in the story.
The book gave me a heads up that life is full of unexpected twists and turns. It also showed me that a lot of people growing up have to cope with abuse one time or another. It was one of the most amazing books I've ever read and I loved reading every second. It made me love reading the way I do and I couldn't put the books down!!
I recommend this book to people who like love stories and alot of drama!

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Steve Kim | 4 comments My favorite book was The Outsiders. It is one of the best books ive read. It's about two young kids that murdered a big time gangster.
And they ran away to hide their identity. Until, the building they were hiding in got burned down and there was a little kid got stuck in the fire and they saved him. I would recomend this book to people who like little boys running away from their house.

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El Rosendo | 3 comments Right now I am in the middle of a good fiction book called the after life, im not a reader, but it's pretty cool the way they explain and give details and the way Chuy talks to himself and what he does to make people feel things. I reccomed this book to teenage kids reed the first 5 pages and it will get interesting. Well thats all I guess

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Rahul | 5 comments I don't really like to read but when I do read I read fantacy books. Right now I am reading The Ruins of Gorlanim only on page six right now but I really like it. Its a book about a boy that has to be choosen by a master so he can be his apprentice and learn from him. Thats all iv'e read so far.

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