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This is the thread which will be devoted to the discussion of the history of Hinduism and related topics.

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This is from the Wisdom of Faith series with Bill Moyer (his guest is Huston Smith) - this is about Hinduism:

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Jill Hutchinson (bucs1960) This comprehensive work by a French missionary offers a unique panorama of 19th century Indian life before the British Raj. Dubois discusses India's caste system, ceremonial procedures, rules and etiquette, marriage, fasting, widowhood, funerary rites, literature, religion and more. An intriguing look at the India which was mysterious to the Western eye.

Hindu Manners, Customs and Ceremonies by Jean A. Dubois by Jean A. Dubois

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Jill Hutchinson (bucs1960) This is a tiny little book that is packed with information about Hinduism's most enigmatic figure in all her glory.

Kali: Slayer of Illusion

Kali Slayer of Illusion by Sarah Caldwell by Sarah Caldwell

The outrageous and violent Kali is depicted in a wide range of illustrations, both traditional and contemporary, accompanying tales of her origins as the shadow-self of Durga - a goddess who appears in the world in order to save the terrified gods from powerful demons. Brandishing weapons of death and cackling madly, Kali annihilates an ever-increasing number of miscreants who try per patience, restoring balance in the universe and cutting through the bonds of illusion and attachment.

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Thank you for the adds Jill.

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Jill Hutchinson (bucs1960) The most beloved of Hindu deities is Ganesha (sometimes known as Ganesh), the elephant god of good will and happiness. This book combines narrative and photographs of Ganesha which appear everywhere from ancient temples to handbags.

Eternal Ganesha

Eternal Ganesha by Gita Mehta by Gita Mehta (no photo)


In India the Hindu deity Ganesha, representing good will, hope, and healthy self-indulgence, is everywhere: on village walls, in cafis, on handbags, in ancient sculpture and neon lights. His delightful physical form -- an elephant-headed, big-bellied man's body with multiple arms, girdled by a serpent, riding a mouse -- enchants the faithful and transcends cultural barriers. Now, in the first popular book on the subject, bestselling author Gita Mehta explores the rich religious and cultural meanings of the beloved figure. Her entertaining text, paired with dazzling photographs, will appeal to all who are touched by his generous spirit.

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Jill Hutchinson (bucs1960) An in-depth look at the Hindu religion and culture.


Hinduism by Kshiti Mohan Sen by Kshiti Mohan Sen (no photo)


A guide to the nature and function of Hinduism. Hinduism is unique among the great religions in that it had no founder but grew gradually over a period of 5000 years, absorbing and assimilating all the religions and cultural movements in India. Consequently it has no Bible, Koran or Dhammapadam to which controversies can be referred for resolution. Many works such as the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Bhagavad-Gita are authoritative but none is exclusively so. As in Christianity there are several Hindu schools of thought and Hinduism clearly outlines their common beliefs and particular differences.

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Bryan Craig Thanks so much, Justin. Great attempt at the citation.

If a book has a cover, no need for a title link and add the author photo:

Ramayan A Poetic Translation by Ruchir Gupta by Ruchir Gupta Ruchir Gupta

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Thank you Teri

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Thank you Teri

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Teri - some great adds on all of the religion threads.

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Revanth Ukkalam | 6 comments Myth = Mithya A Handbook of Hindu Mythology by Devdutt Pattanaik by Devdutt Pattanaik Devdutt Pattanaik

It is a rough guide to Hinduism. Hope this helps

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Kiruthiga | 1 comments Nine Lives

The book is a beautiful depiction of the different facets of Hinduism and also about the other religions in India.

A very factual depiction of the emotions and the way of life in India from a religious perspective. A must read for someone who wants to understand the minds of pious Indians and how religion can be so varied and the understanding of it can be different from person to person.

A book that sheds light on how religion can be redefined as per your opinions and beliefs. Religion can be flexible and is as described in this book. It need not be always rigid which is very much the widely propagated interpretation in the modern Indian society.

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Godsong: A Verse Translation of the Bhagavad-Gita, with Commentary

Godsong A Verse Translation of the Bhagavad-Gita, with Commentary by Amit Majmudar by Amit Majmudar Amit Majmudar


A fresh, strikingly immediate and elegant verse translation of the classic, with an introduction and helpful guides to each section, by the rising American poet.

Born in the United States into a secularized Hindu family, Amit Majmudar puzzled over the many religious traditions on offer, and found that the Bhagavad Gita had much to teach him with its "song of multiplicities." Chief among them is that "its own assertions aren't as important as the relationships between its characters . . . The Gita imagined a relationship in which the soul and God are equals"; it is, he believes, "the greatest poem of friendship . . . in any language." His verse translation captures the many tones and strategies Krishna uses with Arjuna--strict and berating, detached and philosophical, tender and personable. "Listening guides" to each section follow the main text, and expand in accessible terms on the text and what is happening between the lines. Godsong is an instant classic in the field, from a poet of skill, fine intellect, and--perhaps most important--devotion.

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Rohit (rohitraut) | 78 comments Why I am a Hindu

Why I am a Hindu by Shashi Tharoor by Shashi Tharoor Shashi Tharoor


In Why I Am a Hindu, one of India’s finest public intellectuals gives us a profound book about one of the world’s oldest and greatest religions. Starting with a close examination of his own belief in Hinduism, he ranges far and wide in his study of the faith. He talks about the Great Souls of Hinduism, Adi Shankara, Patanjali, Ramanuja, Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, and many others who made major contributions to the essence of Hinduism. He delves deep into Hinduism’s most important schools of thought (such as the Advaita Vedanta). He explains, in easily accessible language, important aspects and concepts of Hindu philosophy like the Purusharthas and Bhakti, masterfully summarizes the lessons of the Gita and Vivekananda’s ecumenism, and explores with sympathy the ‘Hinduism of habit’ practised by ordinary believers.

He looks at the myriad manifestations of political Hinduism in the modern era, including violence committed in the name of the faith by right-wing organizations and their adherents. He analyzes Hindutva (Hinduness), explains its rise and dwells at length on the philosophy of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya, its most significant ideologue. He is unsparing in his criticism of extremist ‘bhakts’ (blind political followers), and unequivocal in his belief that everything that makes India a great and distinctive culture and country will be imperiled if religious ‘fundamentalists’ are allowed to take the upper hand. However, he also makes the point that it is precisely because Hindus form the majority that India has survived as a plural, secular democracy.

A book that will be read and debated now and in the future, Why I Am a Hindu is a revelatory and original masterwork

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Sacred Texts of the World

Sacred Texts of the World A Universal Anthology by Ninian Smart by Ninian Smart (no photo)


A perennial best-seller, this collection of readings remains a favorite of teachers of world religions for its impartial tone and its balance of major contemporary religious traditions with primitive, ancient, and esoteric religions.

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