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Winter Rose Phantom ((go))

Winter Rose Phantom Elundari walked up to the platform 9 and 3/4 waiting for a chance to go in while the Muggles weren't watching when she got the chance she ran right through the brick pillar and onto the platform and then she boarded the train waiting for the others to get on

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Ziva run's at the platform right after Elundari, This was her first year as a Teacher, She was excited.

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Winter Rose Phantom Elundari fornd a car to sit in and sat down in a car that had somone's things in it already the trunks read Ziva David((Are Ziva's things already on the train? cause they should sit in the same car or something))

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((Yeah, Ziva's things are on the Train Already, Where do the Teachers sit?))

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Winter Rose Phantom ((Any where. remember Lupin?))

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((Oh yeah, Okay Ziva can meet Elundari, Is she in Care of Magical Creatures?))

Ziva moves down the Train and Finds a car with only one student in it, She walks in and sit's down.

Winter Rose Phantom ((I do belive so yes, She could be like a teacher's pet☺))Elundari smiled

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Ziva smiles back. ((Okay, That'd be cool, Their first lesson has to do with baby Dragons))

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Winter Rose Phantom ((KK☺))She doesn't look like a student She thought "Hey are you a teacher?"

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"Yeah, This is my first year as a Teacher, I got Care of Magical Creatures." She said, "My Name's Ziva. But you'll probbably have to call me Professor David." She said Smiling

Winter Rose Phantom "I have that class this year"She said

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Ziva smiles, "Cool, I know one of my Students early." She said

Winter Rose Phantom She smiled((i might be a little slow because i got kiked off the computer and onto mi dsi))

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((Okay, Why did you get kicked off the Computer?))

Winter Rose Phantom ((mom))

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((Ahhh, Okay))

Winter Rose Phantom yeah))

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((Back to RP)) Ziva see's other students walking down the middle of the Train.

Winter Rose Phantom Elundari smiled"I'm really nervous considering that it's my first day and all"

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"Me too, Maybe we can both try too keep each other calm?" Said Ziva.

Winter Rose Phantom "Yeah."she smiled

Winter Rose Phantom ((you there?))

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Ziva Smiles, "We're almost there. Remember, Nothing bad is Going to happen" Said Ziva Reassuringly.

Winter Rose Phantom "Yeah, even thogh my brother is an alumnus and he told me alot about the place i always wonder about how we're going to get there once we get to the station, when he told me about the ghost carriges i couldn't sleep but i guess i'll have to get over it huh, going here i mean not a lot of things are normal here, at least thats what he told me"

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Ziva nod's. "I saw the Thestril's They're cool looking, and they're really nice" Said Ziva.

Winter Rose Phantom Elundari sighed"Thank goodness"

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Ziva smiled again, "Alright this is where we Part, I'll see you inside" She said.

Winter Rose Phantom Elundari smiled back"Yeah."and got up as well Brother where are you she thought

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((Can we Just go to When they're in the Banquet Hall?))

Winter Rose Phantom ((Sure thats fine))

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In The Banquet Hall

Ziva walks up to the table and Sit's down.

"Now it's time for the Sorting. All First Years line up in front of me Please and come up when your name is Called" Said the Headmaster.

Winter Rose Phantom Elundari waited paitiently for her turn

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"Abernathy, Arabella" Said The Headmaster, She comes up and is Sorted into Hufflepuff

"Darknight, Elundari" He said Calling Elundari.

Winter Rose Phantom Elundari walked up.

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Headmaster put's the Hat on her Head,

"Hmmm, Let's see, You'll be GRIFFENDOR" Said the sorting hat.

After the Sorting The Headmaster stands up to say something else. "We Have a New Teacher this Year, Please Greet out new Care of Magical Creatures Teacher, Professor Ziva David" Introduced,

Ziva Stood up for a minute then sat back down.

Winter Rose Phantom Elundari smiled

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Ziva smiles back at her.

"Now, Stuff yourselves and Off to bed you have Classes tomorrow." Said thre headmaster, Then he sat down.

Winter Rose Phantom ((Hey isn't dumbledor deceased?))Elundari followed the prefects to the dormitories

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((He is That's why I Said Headmaster and not Dumbledore))

Winter Rose Phantom ((I see btw it's still your turn))

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Ziva finishes Eating and goes to Griffendor House, She fall's asleep in the Main Area.

Winter Rose Phantom Elundari changed into her pajamas and fell asleep in her own bed

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The Next Morning.

Ziva wakes up with a Yawn and makes her way down to the Cabin where Care of Magical Creatures was being held.

Winter Rose Phantom Elundari changed into her robe and went to her first class DADA

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((Instead of a Baby Dragon She'll use an Adult Dragon))

Winter Rose Phantom ((OooooooH still your turn))

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Ziva walks around the area looking for a Big enoughg area for her first Class. She finds one not to far from the Hut.

Winter Rose Phantom Elundari's classes passed slowly and it was soon it was time for the last class of the day, Care Of Magical Creatures. Elundari walked to where the class was being held.

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