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message 1: by Erik (new)

Erik | 165 comments Little Harmonic Labyrinth is a dialog with many sub-stories. It feels like Shakespear's "play within a play". It has some obvious "Alice in Wonderland" references too at each level change.

The push-pop references are very obvious to a modern day software engineer. I'm not sure how obvious that would have been in 1980. There are some hardware-software-reboot mentions that may have helped get that idea across too.

The dialog does a nice job of working Bach and Escher's work in to the story. The meta-genie and recursive acronym for "GOD" is neat too.

I think the reference to the previous chapters are subtle in some of the paradoxes that come up during the story.

The next chapter is about resursion, which a was more obvious theme in this dialog than themes from previous chapters.

message 2: by Erik (new)

Erik | 165 comments The indentation of the meta-stories reminds me alot of the way code looks in an IDE too. I think that counts as a meta-relationship with software engineering.

message 3: by Brad (new)

Brad (bradrubin) | 264 comments Mod
Stacks were very much in vogue in the 80s... assembly language stacks, higher-level language return stacks and stack frames, Forth, recursion, etc.

I heard the cafeteria plate mechanism analogy so many times in my life that it is probably part of my DNA by now.

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