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message 1: by Diane R. (new)

Diane R. | 6 comments This was one of those entertaining non-fiction titles like Salt. I read it maybe 10 years ago. It was not a picture book showing different styles, but a lively romp through all of the political intrigues involved in stealing the secrets of porcelain manufacture, and the high stakes because of huge profits.

All I'm finding are art books or scholarly sounding works.

MB (What she read) | 136 comments In googling, I found this one... The Arcanum: The Extraordinary True Story by Janet Gleeson.

message 3: by Diane R. (new)

Diane R. | 6 comments Yup. That's it! HOw'd you find it?

MB (What she read) | 136 comments I think the Amazon link came up as one of the first hits when I used the terms 'history, porcelain, book' (or something like that). And the Amazon link sounded like what you'd described. So I thought it was worth suggesting...

Yay! I'm glad I solved one and it certainly looks like an interesting book. I've added it to my TBR List.

Snail in Danger (Sid) Nicolaides (upsight) | 289 comments I think it sounds interesting too. Thanks, Diane and MB!

message 6: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (newtomato) | 47 comments I've also added it to my TBR - looks fascinating! Good find!

message 7: by Diane R. (new)

Diane R. | 6 comments Silly me. I had searched "porcelain history". I guess word order is everything.

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