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message 1: by Roza (new)

Roza | 216 comments Mod
i love prim because she starts out as such a weak charater but by the end of her life you could say that in some ways she is stronger then katniss

message 2: by Michelle (new)

Michelle | 41 comments i love peeta because he loves katniss uncondittionally...well except for when you know..he was brainwashed

message 3: by Amina (new)

Amina  (journalistam) i love gale. he's the exact typa guy i'd love to have

message 4: by Roza (new)

Roza | 216 comments Mod
idk hichj one i would want. i thik tha twhile gale is tha tbest friend hat you owe yourself to try it with peeta is something different and while katniss thinks that he is her little piece of peace i htink that for her he might be the dangerous one. i do not know if she would have chosen him if gale hadnt left her

message 5: by Amina (new)

Amina  (journalistam) i think she wld've

message 6: by Roza (new)

Roza | 216 comments Mod
well i think aht the book just ruined there friendship because of all teh tension

message 7: by Amina (new)

Amina  (journalistam) yeh same. at the end I was like 'OK, OK, IF NOT TOGHETER, ATLEAST MAKE EM FRENDS! WAHHHH WAHHH!" lol

message 8: by Roza (new)

Roza | 216 comments Mod
hahahaha same here . i h8 how gale dissapears after being with her all those years

message 9: by Amina (new)

Amina  (journalistam) i knw... i mean, dat isn't evn realistic...

message 10: by Roza (new)

Roza | 216 comments Mod

message 11: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (betweenmypages) now this is a hard question......Haymitch is awesome and funny, Cinna is cool and kind, Katniss is strong and smart, Gale is caring and brave, President Snow is epic and devious, Finnick is strong and brave, Peeta is....ummmmmm oh yea LOSER! Hahahaha jk but im not a huge fan of him... hes awesome but not my fav. I was team gale and team peeta! hmmmm Cinna, Prez Snow, or Haymtich I GO WITH CINNA!

message 12: by Roza (new)

Roza | 216 comments Mod

message 13: by Roza (new)

Roza | 216 comments Mod
okay i just thought about thius. maybe my favorite character is thresh because he basi cally gives uyp his life to save katnisses

message 14: by Jerry (new)

Jerry FINNICK IS AWESOME!!!!!! he can do pretty much anything, and in Mockingjay he made me crack up with that "do you find this....distracting?" but he isn't a total airhead either, because he went through a lot after he won the hunger games. i can't believe he died!!!!

message 15: by Amina (new)

Amina  (journalistam) ikr!

message 16: by Roza (new)

Roza | 216 comments Mod

i loved him

message 17: by (Aero)driguez (new)

(Aero)driguez (aerodriguez) finnick is awesome

message 18: by Roza (new)

Roza | 216 comments Mod
haha./ i htink ath we all agree

message 19: by Jerry (new)

Jerry i can't believe he died! but i like that katniss had a little flashback of his life or something.

message 20: by (Aero)driguez (new)

(Aero)driguez (aerodriguez) i think that cool

message 21: by Amina (new)

Amina  (journalistam) i think whereevr the mention of finnick cums is so uncool because he died.

message 22: by Roza (new)

Roza | 216 comments Mod
i h8 ths the is dead.

he was a great character and poor annie

message 23: by (Aero)driguez (new)

(Aero)driguez (aerodriguez) i know

message 24: by Jerry (new)

Jerry i would've thought annie would completely lose it and go insane. i mean, she was pretty confused to begin with.

message 25: by Amina (new)

Amina  (journalistam) Yeh, she lost him once and then again... thas just flippin bad luck. and the poor baby =(

message 26: by Roza (new)

Roza | 216 comments Mod

message 27: by (Aero)driguez (new)

(Aero)driguez (aerodriguez) i know

message 28: by Claire (new)

Claire I thought she would become totally insane. She has as much taken away from her as Katniss. I've always felt sorry for her.

message 29: by Elizabeth (last edited Nov 02, 2010 06:53PM) (new)

Elizabeth (elizabethnovak) Peeta and Cinna and of course Katniss.

message 30: by Claire (new)

Claire I meant Annie. Losing Finnick

message 31: by Roza (new)

Roza | 216 comments Mod

Lea (Peeta's #1 Fangirl!) (3teofilea3) | 7 comments Peeta..I have a thousand reasons..

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