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Tania | 644 comments A place where I'm keeping track of the challenges I sign up for

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Tania | 644 comments September Reading Challenge

1. September: Sea Witch - 8/9
2. Birthday: Stormwalker
3. Geography: Practical Magic
4.Pirate Day: Sea Lord (I know it's a stretch but he does kidnap her on a boat) - 9/9
5. Labor Day: Tempted - 5/9
6. Hispanic: Dark Peril
7. Library: The Discovery of the Hobbit: The Scientific Breakthrough That Changed the Face of Human History (not romance but it is a library book) - 13/9
8. Romance Genre: Pride and Prejudice
9. Of Lists and Shelves: The Ice Queen
10. Reader's Choice: One for the Money

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Tania | 644 comments I'm in for all categories over by the end of the year. Haven't figured them out yet except one(these challenges are going to get addictive aren't they?)

Total 1/12

People in Covers
Lonely Chick
Lonesome Dude
Dark Peril (Carpathians, #21)
Kissing/Doing It
Body Parts

Other than People
Animal Kingdom
Natural World
Just Type

Covers According to You
Your Favorite Color

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Tania | 644 comments Series: Carpathians aka Dark series
Author: Christine Feehan
Discussion: Anything and everything you want to discuss relating to the books. As we get further in the series it'd be great to talk about who your fave characters are, who you dislike etc.
Duration: 21 months

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