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Always Be Testing > Chapter 2 - Playing with Website Optimizer

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Diamond Website Conversion (diamondwebsiteconversion) | 78 comments Mod
As someone who leans more toward language arts than math, I’ll admit that I have been intimidated by the technical aspects of testing.

Some of the apprehensions listed in Chapter 2 described me perfectly, including what to test, how helpful testing will be, and what exactly is involved in running a test with Google Optimizer.

Both the step-by-step test at the beginning of the chapter and the detailed descriptions of the various kinds of testing available with Google Optimizer helped shed light on how testing works and what can be accomplished with the right kinds of tests.

Perhaps the most helpful discussion, however, dealt with how to target your testing in order to avoid being overwhelmed with details. It’s easy to dive into a project like this and burn out quickly because of the sheer volume of data. However, with targeted testing, you can determine which testing factors will bring you the most value.

Did this chapter address concerns or apprehensions you’ve had when it comes to testing?

message 2: by Marty (new)

Marty | 36 comments I like the fact that this is very much of a "how to" book - they do give you the theory - but it's the practical aspects of what they're writing about that are really helpful.

Their lists of ideas for testing are a real help when you're staring at a page and wondering how to improve it.

message 3: by Shelby (new)

Shelby (shelbysanchez) | 52 comments Before reading this book I was so intimidated by A/B Testing. The name alone sounded so foreign. I like how this book really breaks it down into "how to" steps just like Marty says. This chapter definitely did a good job addressing my concerns and apprehensions. Another great tool for optimizing website to add to my quiver.

message 4: by Anne (new)

Anne | 51 comments This chapter definitely addresses concerns with testing. Multivariate testing is challenging, as those with the ideas would like to attribute the lift in conversion to their particular idea. We all end up enamored until the following few weeks of data prove otherwise.
Love the framework setup in this chapter - how to avoid going overboard as well as how to avoid useless tests.

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