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Got questions! You are not alone :) Here are some answers to some of the common ones we see in the group. Got more questions? Go ahead and post them in this thread and I or someone from the group will do our best to answer!

Bodice Ripper Questions

What is a bodice ripper? Well, that depends on who you ask, it's a bit subjective.

Not the answer you were hoping for huh... let's try again :) Generally speaking a bodice ripper is any historical romance novel with an 'alpha hero' (a hero who is aggressive and possessive and takes what he wants regardless of the consequences... including ripped dresses!). The heroine often goes through some kind of abuse (sometimes tremendous abuse) at the hands of the hero or others. They can be very epic in scope with frequent travel and many different settings and and large cast of characters. They are typically very un-PC and considered offensive to some readers. This kind of romance novel were pretty much the norm in the 70's and 80's therefore the simple answer (and the general definition we use in this group) is that a bodice ripper is a historical romance written sometime from 1970 to 1995.

I'm new to the genre, where should I start? Good question! I say just head to your local used bookstore and pick up any random romance writtin in the late 70's or early 80's, the height of the BR era! Just pick a pretty cover that appeals to you and see what you think! But if you need more direction that that... you could start at the beginning with The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss. This is widely considered the first of the BR romance novels and even the beginning of the modern romance novel in general. A classic! You might want to check out the group bookshelf for some of our favorites around here. You can also check out the member reviews folder for some great ideas!

GoodReads and group participation Questions

How do I add covers? Links to books? Links to websites? Etc... Easy shmeasy! ;) Click on the (some html is ok) link just above the 'add a comment' box for some basic html code you can use to snazzy up your post! Need some more direction, check out Jeanine's How To - Goodreads Tips & Tricks thread.

How do I (or can I) start a thread? Yes! Please do!!! Just click on the folder name you think your discussion thread belongs to and click on the link that says 'new topic' (to the right of the folder name). You may also click on the link on the main discussion board page just below our 'currently reading' books that says 'new' and pick the folder you would like your thread to go in from the drop down menu. If you have something to say, we want to hear it!!!

What's the Group Bookshelf and can I add to it? Yes please do! The Group Bookshelf is a list of, well, Bodice Rippers!!!! We have shelf's by setting and theme for easy browsing. We love them and want a nice long list to look through when we need something new to read so please feel free to add your favorites here. Books on the group book shelf should be BR's only so historical romance novels originally written between 1970 and 1995. When you add a book to the group bookshelf please be sure to add it to all shelf's that apply. You can view the group bookshelf by clicking on the link at the top right hand corner of any page in this group (under group home). You may also get to the group bookshelf by scrolling to the very bottom of the main group home page (click on 'more books' to the view the entire shelf).

What does that mean? With this awesome list put together by Tonya you will never be lost or confused in a GoodReads discussion again! Common acronyms used here on goodreads! Yay! Thanks Tonya!

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Natalie | 6 comments Hello I know this is an odd question but does anyone know of a CHRISTIAN bodice ripper? Or something that would be close to it? Something thats rough and has the elements of a bodice ripper, but still comes from an inspirational background? Hard to find I know but if anyone knows anything please let me know. Thanks!

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Gloria | 12 comments Natalie when you find one, I want to know please. Sounds like an oxymoron to me and I'd be interested in seeing if an author can pull it off. :)

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JennyG | 170 comments Try maybe Tell Me Lies by Claudia Dain.

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Nathaniel | 3 comments Yes the bible. Women are subjected, beaten, forced into marriage and stoned to death. Also, they are called prostitutes and whores. Yes, even portrayed as being eaten by dogs.

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Nathaniel | 3 comments Thats the light stuff. They are sacrificed as offerings. Forced into marriage (sexual slavery). Dismissed from entering the ministry. Finally, accused of entertaining the serpent to the downfall of mankind. Absolute fiction and the best bodice ripper pf all time. Start in Genesis.

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Natalie | 6 comments Does anyone know of any contemporary bodice rippers? I read After the Night by Linda Howard and loved it. Im looking for something like that. If anyone knows of any, please hit me up. Thanks!

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Natalie | 6 comments Gloria wrote: "Natalie when you find one, I want to know please. Sounds like an oxymoron to me and I'd be interested in seeing if an author can pull it off. :)"
I know right?! It does sound like one. Still haven't really found one. But Ill keep looking.

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