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message 1: by Sandy (last edited Sep 11, 2010 09:22AM) (new)

Sandy | 15614 comments Mod
I want to thank you all for the attention to detail in your completed task posts - they have become so much easier to work with! When readerboard name and all required task information is included, the readerboard updates go much more quickly.

A few things -
First, it would help me if you make a habit of checking your readerboard total regularly, and posting a comment in the problems/questions thread if the readerboard total doesn't agree with yours. I'm trying to update the readerboard every 100 posts, at least right now when there are so many new posts.

If the totals don't agree and you see that there are no messages for you in the problems/questions thread, post a message for me and I'll straighten it out. I'm afraid that it's almost inevitable that there will be posts/books missed, but the more quickly I'm told, the easier it is for me to fix the problem!

Second, if a problem is noted in the problems/questions thread, please repost in the completed tasks thread, unless the post in the problems thread specifically says that no repost is necessary. Editing the problem post won't do the trick - I don't typically go back and look at the problem post to see if you edited it.

The repost must include all the necessary information - I can't keep track of any of the information in the original post, to piece the whole thing together after you repost.

Third, PLEASE make it obvious what book you are posting as having read. I don't need you to post the entire task description with all examples - just the number of the task with its name is sufficient, unless you want to include the info about a specific subpart. Your book link (or book title and author in bold) should be set apart by a blank line from the task description or any other information that you're posting about the book or the task.

Fourth, it helps a lot when you type in your total points, including the newly posted task. Tickers are fine and fun to look at, but every time you update your ticker, it changes the ticker in EVERY post that includes the ticker. When I'm trying to go back through your old posts to investigate a discrepancy, having your total through that post typed in the post helps me sort things out.

Finally, as you know, we've tried to cut down on the required writeups, but noted "optional" things. This is not meant to discourage comments about the books you're posting - those are great, and reading about other people's opinions of books is a big part of what makes this challenge fun. So, just because there are fewer required write-ups, don't take that to mean that comments/information/opinions/writeups about the book are not wanted - we only wanted to remove it as a problem in dealing with completed task posts.

If you have any questions about posting completed tasks, please ask them here.


message 2: by Sandy (new)

Sandy | 15614 comments Mod
Wow! As of the last update, we have over 200 people with points on the readerboard!

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