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Tempest-tost (The Salterton Trilogy, #1) by Robertson Davies This is the first novel of Robertson Davies, set in the fictional city of Salterton (a stand-in for Kingston, Ontario). In this comedy of manners, various characters come together to put on a Little Theatre production of William Shakespeare's The Tempest but some have ulterior motives and other agendas on their minds.

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Anyone else reading (or interested in reading) Tempest-Tost? I'm about 3/4 through I think. It's quite different from Davies' other novels. It's a pretty straight-forward comedy of manners & I'm liking it so far.

Buried In Print (buriedinprint) I've really enjoyed other novels of his, and I will likely read this at some point, but even with tempting reviews of tempting books, I can't seem to squeeze in any impromptu reads these days. Glad you're enjoying it though!

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I just finished last night & when I have a bit of time tomorrow I'll come back and give you a tempting review. :)

This one was particularly interesting since it isn't like his later books. The closest (of those I've read) was The Lyre of Orpheus, but even that was filled with all the Arthurian symbolism and E.T.A. Hoffmann stuffed inside. I was kind of expecting more layered connections to The Tempest, but I guess in this first novel, Davies wasn't experimenting in that direction yet.

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