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The cabin of Hebe, the goddess of youth and energy, is set between Hera's and Zeus'. It's made of a bright marble veined with pink, and shaped like a mini Pantheon, complete with intricate carvings of the goddes amidst tall columns. Inside, the beds are few but large and soft. The colour scheme is pastel-pink, baby blue, and white. Roleplay Here.

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Stepping out of the shower, her face erased of all makeup and holding a rosy pink blush, Myra pulled on a simple blue cotton dress that ended midthigh. Though she hated shoes, she slipped into flip-flops and towelled off her hair so the wet strands didn't drip down her side. She checked her schedule that was taped to the pale pink wall-- spares until lunch. Perfect.
Kicking back against her circle-shaped bed, Myra lazily opened a book in Ancient Greek, one of her favourite mythology ones.

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Anger pulsed through Lucas' veins as he trudged through forest, until he stumbled upon a cabin that he vaguely recognized. What the f*ck...?

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Curiousity got the better of Myra and she flipped through the detailed listings of Disorder, Chaos, and the beginning of the world in general until she got to Ares.

Ares-- god of noble war and bloodlust, was born to Hera and Zeus. He sprung from the womb in full battle armor...

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Lucas blinked once, unsure of what he'd seen. Had Myra gone into the cabin? If so, who's cabin was this?
He wasn't stupid enough to go ahead and knock, so instead, Lucas settled himself with studying the cabin for clues.

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Myra was going to flip the page, when strange sounds around her cabin stopped her. No one ventured here. Hebe didn't have any children other than Myra and that was a fact she was sure of.
Frowning, Myra placed a protective hand on her prized bow, continuing to read with an ear out for the strange sounds.

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"Hum." After awhile of inspection, the cabin still didn't seem familiar and the boy had gone over every god that seemed possible! Not having much else to do, Lucas turned and resumed his way to the Ares cabin. But, unknowingly left something behind.
His shark-tooth spear.

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The footsteps seemed to melt away and Myra rolled out of bed, closing her book with a gentle snap. Taking off her flip flops, she tiptoed to the window, where the silhouette of an unknown figure led to the right side of the U. She frowned, waiting until the figure was out of view before stepping silently out of her cabin.
She walked around it a couple of times, searching for possible animal prints, or worse-- monsters-- but was about to retire her search, when her eyes happened to alight on a certain necklace hanging from a branch.
A certain shark-tooth necklace, the ribbed edges of the teeth glistening, wickedly sharp.
Suppressing a sound of surprise, Myra took the necklace, admiring the way the teeth glistened in the light. It seemed like she'd seen it before... was it in a dream? If so, was she having omens?
Feeling rather excited, Myra slipped the necklace over her head where it nestled into place against her collarbone, and set out towards the battle arena for some practise.

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"Here's my terrifyingly empty cabin," Myra said with a sad sigh as she pulled her hand from Lucas' warm grasp to push open the door.
In spite of the emptiness and the single bed in the huge room, the place held an unmistakeable air of bright, happy cheeriness. A bowl of fruit stood in the center of the silver birch table (they never rotted, but Lucas didn't have to know that) and iPod speakers were on medium volume, blaring 'Paralyzer' by Finger Eleven.

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Lucas' eyes widened as he surveyed the cabin. It was so lone, unlike the cabin of Ares, full of hot-headed demigods. "Wow, there's a lot of space in here."

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"No kidding," Myra said, suddenly seeing her Mythology textbook and wincing internally. It was open to a page of Ares in full splendour, the colours shining on the page.
Let's hope he doesn't notice that.
"I am the only one here, after all," Myra shrugged. She peeled off the bandages from her left arm. The burns and scratches were a glistening pink now, thanks to Hayley's burn remedy. Myra ripped off the bandages from her right arm then, and she grimaced. The burns were worse here, and the horrible twisted, knobbled trio of long scars under the wounds made it look gruseome. She sighed, thinking of the blissful times when no monsters had hunted her down and her arms were both the same healthy olive colour, smooth and undaunted.
Myra turned away from Lucas, making a show of wiping down her arms. "Don't look at my arms, you might vomit," she said lightly, though inside she was churning with self-conscious embarassment.

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Lucas didn't bother to turn, still inspecting the cabin that was so different from his own. "I've seen some pretty sick stuff," he said, brows arched. "I probably wouldn't even gag." So, he turned, grimacing visibly at the state of her arms. "How'd you manage that?"

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Myra winced, staring at them. "Normally my left arm isn't so maimed," she said with a sigh. "But I kind of suck at climbing the Lava Wall and I got really, really burned. This awesome Apollo camper helped me with it, though," and Myra's eyes brightened at the mention of Hayley. "And the right one... is, um, really ugly. Scythian Dracaena got me." She offered no other explanation for the unhealthy silver sheen of her scarred right arm, plucking a red fruit off the bowl and biting the skin to reveal white flesh.

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"Mmhmm." Without another word, Lucas gave the scars a lost, curious glance and turned back to looking at the cabin. Luckily for Myra, he had no interest of books and things of that sort, so he skipped right over it.

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Was he ignoring her scars because they were so hideously twisted? Myra shook the thought out of her mind and perched on the table, rolling a second fruit in her hand. "Catch," she said simply, and the fruit sailed in a graceful arc towards Lucas.

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Turning sharply on his heels, Lucas' arm went instinctively up at the word and he easily caught the fruit. He eyed it suspiciously, as if it might melt his arm off any second. "Um, thanks?"

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"Very nice," Myra said, impressed. "Try it, it's not poisoned." To illustrate her point she gave another deep bite of the fruit, closing her eyes as the crunching sweetness met her mouth.

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With a slight shrug, Lucas took a small bite of the fruit. It tasted warmingly familiar, as if he'd had it in the past. Closing his eyes for a second, he let out a content sigh. "What is it?"

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"Not telling," Myra said with a charming smile as she licked the syrupy juice off her fingers. "But I can guarantee that you'll feel a lot more energetic for the rest of the day." She placed a finger to her pouting lips, winking.

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Lucas raised a brow. "Yes, I'll just eat this mysterious fruit-looking thing that may harm me, lovely." After his sarcastic statement, he completely contradicted himself by taking another bite out of it.

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Myra's already plump bottom lip pouted. "What, you think I'd do anything to harm you?" For good measure she placed a delicate hand on her chest, adopting a sincerely wounded expression. "And what I said about us being friends-- for now?"

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"You've obviously not heard of this, we call it, sarcasm." Lucas said it with such a sarcastic awe, holding his mouth down from twitching up into a grin.

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"Obviously not," Myra said with a scoffing smirk. "Because I definitely had none of that in my last comment." She stretched out from the birch table and brushed past Lucas to sit sprawled on her round bed. "When are you free 'til?"
She asked it with such brusque charmingness that the stalker-ish question was sweet, and she gestured to her enlarged schedule on the wall with a hand.

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"Hum..." Lucas glanced toward the windows instead, he found this easier in the case of his schedule. "I skipped arts and crafts with the Athena kids, Jess'll get me for that. I have a bit of time, if I don't want to be too late for aerial-combat training at the stables."

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"Aerial-combat training?" Myra's eyes widened and she gave a nervous laugh. "Damn. You any good with a dagger, by the way?"

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Lucas shrugged, leaning against the wall of the cabin. "Yep, not my best, but I'm pretty good What, you a nervous flier?"

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"No, not the best at up-close combat," Myra mumbled. She was more into team sports, such as Capture the Flag, spriting and swimming. "More of a bow and arrow person myself."

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Lucas nodded. "Those wouldn't be my first choice, but if you know how to handle 'em like the Apollo kids, then they can make a deadly weapon. Um, why'd you wanna know about my dagger skills?" He raised a brow.

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Myra opened her mouth to reply but a blush silenced her cheeks and she closed it again, leaning back against her pale pink pillows. "Forget it," she said with a smiling sigh. "I'd fail at it anyway."

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"Aw, c'mon, it can't be that bad," Lucas mused, though he didn't have the slightest clue of what she meant.

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"I was going to ask if you could, you know... help me with my combat skills." Myra spoke softly, her lush voice rueful. "But my combat skills are terrible and you'd either kill yourself laughing at me, or kill me because of my hopeless ineptitude." She shrugged.

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Lucas fought down a wide grin, trying to make it's way onto his lips. He narrowed his eyes thoughtfully, silent as he thought about it. "Hmm, I guess trying wouldn't hurt. Like I said, you can't be that bad."

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Myra raised an eyebrow and chuckled incredulously. "Um. I am. And I'm understating my terribleness."

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"Well, you're underestimating my ability to rehabilitate your terrible combat skills," Lucas countered, now grinning fully.

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Myra sighed. "Oh, fine. But you have to promise that you won't kill me. Laughing is permitted." She stuck out a pinky finger, looking solemn.

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Lucas chuckled and curled his pinky gingerly around hers. "Promise." He smiled for a moment, before glancing out the window. He has probably missed more than half the class, by the looks of it. "And, I have to go. It's not exactly pleasant to get yelled at by your drill-sergeant of a sister."

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"Meet me at the Battle Arena after," Myra said with a soft voice, removing her hand from the pinky-promise. "And I'd wish you good luck but I don't think you'll need it."

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"I can handle 'Ol Jess," Lucas said, tone trailing with a scoff. "But no one likes that girl's badside. Right, catch you later then, Myra!" And with that goodbye, the first proper one he'd given her, he was out of the cabin and on his way to the Stables.

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Myra leaned against the pillows with a heartwrenching sigh. It was so like her to make a huge deal out of everything; this unromance as well. She didn't bother giving Lucas a farewell but succumbed to the sickening feeling building up in her throat. She was worried, because, at risk of sounding incredibly full of herself, her flirting antics had usually paved the way to broken hearts (caused by Myra, of course) faster than she could wink.
"At least he called me by my name," she said, ever dwelling on that uplifting fact. "And he doesn't hate me anymore, I think."
Hugging the pillows to her chest, Myra turned on her TV (no cable, but she had plenty of DVD's) and started watching Lord of The Rings, content to losing her tormented mind and heart in the mindnumbing fantasy.

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Myra stumbled up the steps of her cabin, wrapping herself in a fleecy cotton towel and sitting in a spot warmed by the sun filtering through the pink-tinged windows.

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The door to her cabin slapping shut with a resounding snap, Myra turned sharply, staring at herself on her not-often used mirror. Her face was bloodless and drawn under her tan, her eyes glazedly glassy. "No f*cking wonder," she said angrily, yanking a brush through her hair so it hurt. Tearing off her ugly one piece, she pulled on a pair of black spandex shorts and a racerback tank top, shoving her feet in a pair of Adidas running shoes. She stared at the mirror for another scowling moment, then sprinted out of her room, wishing for the first time that she could simply run and keep on running until all her petty girlish troubles were left behind in a cloud of dust.

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((Dear Lord, I'm RPing to myself. xD))

"Anyway... I should get going..." Myra said, turning away from the Nike girl. "I'm next door if you need me."
She almost ran away; the girl intimidated her like no other, and entered her cabin, peeling off her bikini and pulling on volleyball shorts and a yellow American Apparel hoodie-jacket.

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((xD I did that with Holly too. I HAVE TO GO GODSDAMMIT AHHHHHH! :( Byee.))

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((...FML. RPAT, pweez. :( Try and get on later if you can! ;) ))

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((FML too. xD))

Lucas bounded up the to the Hebe cabin, having steered away from his own when he saw Myra enter. "It's 'Ares dude'," he called with a wry grin, lightly knocking on the door.

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Myra turned around, suprised. She curved her eyebrow in confusion and opened the door, leaning against the frame. "Hi, Ares dude," Myra said with the barest trace of a smile. In truth, she was still on autopilot from the damage she'd done to Holly. "Welcome to Narnia."

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Lucas' grin widened. "Yay. I would've stayed, but Rachelle was getting a bit too clingy. Thanks for getting her off my back, Myra, you're a lifesaver."

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Myra rolled her eyes. "I didn't do anything. And besides, it seemed fitting enough that the children of the gods of war and victory become good friends." She gestured inside, where Chaumelle's wet bikini hung limply on the back of her ivory-inlaid chair, an innocent reminder of her embarassing afternoon. "Do you want to come in or something?"

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((i hate my MOTHER.))

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((I HATE MATH. Sorry if my posts suck, I've been doing math for the post four hours. @__@))
Lucas shrugged. "Whatever you say." He glanced at the inside of the cabin, not feeling very welcome, and shrugged again.

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