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Hebe is the goddess of youth.

Personality and History:
Other (include weapon, hobbies, etc):

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Name: Adrian Jaycen Demetriou
Adrian's messy muddy blonde hair is always messy, only to be tamed after hours of painstaking work. So in his natural lazy attitude it never is tamed. His 'bangs' fly up, curving over his wild mane. Not long the end are cropped into his neck. I hate describing it like this, but sort of like Robert Pattinson's.
His ice blue eyes give his emotions away easily, and the sharp curve of his jaw controls most of the emotions that he displays on his face. His teeth- perfect and white make a wonderful smile. When he wants to- that is. He has a little dimple under his bototm lip that he uses as a pouty face

His build is tall, and moderately muscular.

Age: 18
Personality: Adrian is a lighthearted soul, with a laugh and a smile for anyone that needs one. He loves to joke around and just be fun. Sometimes he can come off a little rude with most of his jokes, but you can't resist a small smile, even though you know it's wrong. He can be a little flaky, but if it's really important he'll remember. He loves to play games and have a light tease, but if it hurts your feelings just tell him. He's not out to hurt anyone.

When he's around certain people, he's wise and passionate. Or in certain situations. He'll drop the cute boyish pull-her-pigtails act if he needs to. His personality depends on the situation.

Weapon: A strong silver blade. Always sharp. The length of your fore arm. Encrusted with blood red jewels on the hilt. The hilt is a intrict of circles and grace full swirls. When he touches one of the jewels- a secret which one it is- it turns into a small thin square with the middle cut out. Only the size of your thumb, and it's flat. Laced on a silver chain that he keeps on at all times.

Other: Came to this place about 3 years ago, english has improved but he speaks with a slight greek accent. Doesn't like to talk about history as a boy on the streets. He loves writing, but is shy about it. He barely recovered his birthdate a few years ago but managed. His birthday is December Fifth
When he swims, he usually wears T-Shirts because on his lower back theres a small white scar- a line the size of his thumb. It's where he had once gotten in a knife fight...

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Name Mirabelle “Myra” Morgaine Montpellier

Age 17, born May 26th

Appearance The frame of five feet ten inches sits well with Myra’s youthful, mildly athletic build. With eyes of dazzlingly bright blue and chestnut hair curling into silky strands with not a hint of a highlight, she certainly does resemble a dryad. Sun-lover that she is, her skin is bronzed within a week of camp, cheeks flushed with a ruddy glow; a beauty mark lies on her right cheek. The full mouth is often parted, pouting without her knowledge, to reveal front teeth that are a smidgen bigger than average; when she feels uncomfortable with a situation, those rounded lips clamp shut to hide the flaw.
The wholesomeness of Myra’s appearance is often abruptly stopped when one stops at the three hideously raised and twisted scars on her left forearm. It’s a wonder the wound hadn’t torn her arm off, so deep and knobbled they are – caused by a Scythian Dracaena who chased her into camp at the age of thirteen.
Fond of nearly any style, she can be wearing anything from hiking boots to ballerina slippers, from a casual jeans-and-shirt combo (also here) to a girly, feminine dress.

Personality and History When the goddess of youth and immortality arrived in Simon Montpellier’s weaponry shop situated in Paris, it was love at first sight for the mortal man. They never married but within a year of their whirlwind romance, Hebe gave birth to a baby girl whom they named Mirabelle and nicknamed ‘Myra’ – a variant of the old Greek name Myrrha. Not two weeks had passed until Hebe confessed to Simon that she was married. Demanding answers, Simon pushed the information out of the goddess, who told him exactly who she was with a demonstration of her godly strength. She offered to bless the man with eternal youth but Simon refused, angry and shocked at the revelation. The goddess left but promised to visit her female child out of guilt, and she did so for the first three years of Myra’s life. After Simon’s forgiveness, Hebe left – sweet sorrow.
Myra was raised by her father in quite a happy lifestyle (though bullied by the other children who’d heard from their parents that the blonde Simon had fallen in love with – Myra’s mother – had been a prostitute) until she turned twelve. There, she began arguing with her father until she couldn’t stand him anymore and ran away in an impulsive fit. These escapes from home became more and more frequent until her aunt Lepide offered to keep Myra in New York with her over the year; over the summer she’d go back to Paris. This plan worked well for a year.
Suddenly, Myra’s life changed in a single moment.
On a road trip throughout Long Island with her aunt, a Scythian Dracaena attacked the car. Lepide was left alone but Myra was chased – her arm severely wounded – right up until the boundaries of camp. The three slash marks are now silver, knotted scars on Myra’s upper arm, a vivid reminder of the dangers of the gods.

Other: Myra sees her father during winter and spring breaks, but lives primarily with her aunt in New York, as her father decided it would be easier if she lived closer to camp. She loves her Aunt Lepide – shrewdly humorous character – like a mother.

Weapon A gracefully shaped yew bow coated with silver and delicately engraved, a gift from her father. The arrows are silver birch and the tips are of a dark grey Stygian iron. Tailed with vivid blue feathers, her arrows are enchanted: unless she specifically aims them otherwise, they magically return to her quiver. They are also imbued with a potent poison made of centaur's blood and belladonna - completely lethal to halfbloods, monsters, and humans alike. She has incredible skill with this weapon. Also practiced in swordfight and daggers, the weapon that Myra is nearly inable to handle is a spear or javelin.

Holly As the two live close to each other in New York, Holly and Myra have both become quite close with each other and it’s fair to say the daughter of Athena is Myra’s closest friend.
Adrian Adrian and Myra share a special brother-sister relationship. He's overly protective of her; she constantly teases and mocks him. They love each other as if they were fully related – whatever Holly doesn’t know about Myra, Adrian does.
Rose A close friend.
Diona Myra treats the girl as if she's her mentor, often trying to help when Diona is in a foul mood.
Lucas Who would have thought that after trying to kill each other during their first meeting they'd become so attached to one another? Myra's fallen in love with this son of Ares and though they've had their share of ups and downs, she's certain that he's perfect.

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