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Lyla Lougee (LylaLougee-Author) | 32 comments (This is my newest story idea. I'm only going to put in the prologue, but it should give you an idea what the story is about. Be cautious however, I try my best to get people to predict one thing and end up twisting it around. Also, as you can see I have no title, so if you have any suggestions be my guest. For more of the story, you need to pm me and I'll give you an e-mail to contact. I refuse to put my whole work on the internet.)

In the seventeenth year of the reign of Malvin, King of Ravenstra, a great tradgedy occured: the king's eldest son died. This occurance brought mass grieving throughout the country. Prince Ruberic was much loved by all his father's subjects. A well-known and effective diplomat, the friend of all who lived in the kingdom, he had brought peace tot he kingdom for years. Now, due to a horrible mistake, the people lost their best ruler, one they would never have.

His Highness was killed in a terrible accident. His hovercar envoy collided with one of the larger airships and was crushed. The driver died instantly, so it was unknown if the crash was purposeful, but from all angles the driver was a good man and a friend to the royal family, there was no reason for him to kill the prince. The phsicians could only say that the prince did not suffer long, and he died rather peacefully. Then began the customary month of mourning.

Everyone in the kingdom mourned for their would-be ruler, as they all loved him. When the mourning period finally ended, the king was to pass the crown-prince title to his second son, but his second son was missing. Due to knowledge of Prince Talam's cowardice, they all offered their condolances for his running away and passed over him to the young princess Ruby and her husband Baanstre.

Baanstre begcame the next in line for kingship, and when the king died a few years later, he became king. He promised a better life for all of the people, and for the first four years, he did well. Now, King Baanstre has done much in the name of the kingdom, expanding borders and destroying our enemy, the people or Terris. They are now intermingled with our people as we gained their farmlands. The people of Ravenstra serve their king with pride.

-Alebner, The King's Chief Scribe.

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~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 363 comments Mod
Sounds very interesting... Could you post more? As for a title, how about calling it "Reign" or something?

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