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message 1: by Emily (new)

Emily | 33 comments Should you want to contain something,
you must deliberately let it expand.
Should you want to weaken something,
you must deliberately let it grow strong.
Should you want to eliminate something,
you must deliberately allow it to flourish.
Should you want to take something away,
you must deliberately grant it access.

The lesson here is called
the wisdom of obscurity.
The gentle outlasts the strong.
The obscure outlasts the obvious.

Fish cannot leave deep waters,
and a country's weapons should not be displayed.

message 2: by Starr (new)

Starr | 183 comments Mod
This verse sounds like a lesson in "letting go." Letting go of control and allowing for what will happen to happen takes less energy and allows greater perspective than getting lost in the details. There's a gentle thought here that perhaps by letting go of the outcome and allowing others to be as they are that they will recognize universal truth through their own mistakes or misdeeds. for thought.

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