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FlibBityFLooB Grimspace (Sirantha Jax, #1) by Ann Aguirre Wanderlust (Sirantha Jax, #2) by Ann Aguirre Doubleblind (Sirantha Jax, #3) by Ann Aguirre Killbox (Sirantha Jax, #4) by Ann Aguirre Aftermath (Sirantha Jax, #5) by Ann Aguirre

Sirantha Jax is a sci-fi-romance series. If you're a fan of urban fantasy, you're likely to enjoy this series :)

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FlibBityFLooB Love Triangle #1 = Jax / her dead co-pilot / March

Love Triangle #2 (sort-of) = Jax / March / Hon

Love Triangle #3 ???? maybe ???? = Jax / March / Vel

***Spoilerish if you haven't read the series****

I just finished book 4 in the series and have noted that there is a subtle love triangle relationship developing between Jax and Vel. It'll be interesting to see what comes of it in the next couple books.

Has anyone else read this series? I like Vel's character a lot, but all I can think is... watch where you place those pinchers!!!! EEk :)

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Carolyn F. I'm halfway through book #1 and am really enjoying it so far. I'm not sure about the March thing at this point in the book.

message 4: by Marissa (new)

Marissa (millionmph) **Possible Spoilers**
Oh I hope she doesn't go there! I see Vel as something more of a guardian and lifelong friend. Maybe even like a prodigal child/student. There is something more, but not really romantic.
March and Jax, in my view, are definitely the one and only for each other. You can tell by Jax's "inner-monologue" about her feelings for him and how they have matured and grown beyond anything she ever thought she could have.
This is one series I sincerely hope doesn't 11th hour in a love triangle! Ew...and with a hard bodied shell, pinchers & mandible no less. LOL Don't get me wrong, though, I absolutely love Vel and would completely ball my eyes out if anything happened to him.

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FlibBityFLooB Did you ever see those SNL Happy TV Fun House cartoons? There's a praying manthis like creature in the AG Duo cartoons that I always picture when I think of Vel.

But I agree, Marissa, he's a loveable character :)

message 6: by Marissa (new)

Marissa (millionmph) LMAO I know exactly what your talking about...and now I will never be able to picture anything else when I think of Vel. Too funny.

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