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message 1: by Hirondelle (new)

Hirondelle | 13 comments I think sometime ago somebody combined every edition of The Little Princess with every edition of Sara Crewe: What Happened at Miss Minchin´s. Sara Crewe is the draft, original serialization, The Little Princess is much longer, with more characters and different details ( some new, some dropped). They should of course be separated? I am working on it right now, if the opinion here is to leave them combined ( but really, not the same book) it is much easier to re-combine than separate.

message 2: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Vegan (lisavegan) | 2409 comments You're right; they should be separated. You might want to add a librarian's note so another well meaning librarian will not recombine them.

message 3: by Hirondelle (new)

Hirondelle | 13 comments Thank you, I think a note would be good. I have never added librarian notes, I think I know how to, but am confused, would a "not combine" note I put in one edition show up on the combine books page? And there are lots ( 50, 60 of A Little Princess, some 10 of Sara Crewe) of these books, would I need to add it to all editions of say Sara Crewe?

I have seen some notes "do not combine" or "poster, not a book" on combine pages, those are librarian notes as well?

message 4: by Hirondelle (new)

Hirondelle | 13 comments Nevermind, I managed to figure it all out! Thank you very much.

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