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message 1: by [deleted user] (last edited Sep 03, 2010 02:36PM) (new)


Apperance:shaggy brown hair with brown eyes tall and lean
Personality:smart,outgoing,funny and loving

message 2: by Lyric (new)

Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 121 comments Name: Max
Age: 19
Apperance: Lond black hair and green eyes small and peite
Personality: On th edark side alittl ebut fin to be around
Crush: open

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Do you want Tray to be her crush?

message 4: by Lyric (new)

Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 121 comments Sure

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)


message 6: by Quackyduck (new)

Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Name: Wang Yao
Age: 20
Gender: M
Personality: Happy, but superstious, he loves his siblings, and cute things.
Crush: None, he is gay

message 7: by Alejandra (last edited Sep 04, 2010 08:08PM) (new)

Alejandra (alejandraporras) Name:Lydia
Apperance: Vampires Diaries S01E02 pic3
Other:jake and ryan are her brothers.

message 8: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) Name: Violet
Age: 16
Gender: F
Apperance: long wavy raven colored hair that is just above her knee caps violet eyes tall skinny good complexion pale
Personality: friendly caring trusting
Crush: OPEN
Other: ...

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Cherry
Age: 17
Gender: female
Apperance: Red head scene girl
Personality: smart, funny, flirty, talketive, outgoing

message 10: by Alejandra (last edited Sep 04, 2010 08:08PM) (new)

Alejandra (alejandraporras) Name:Ryan,and Jake
Apperance: [image error]
Other: twin brothers and Lydia is there sister

message 11: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) can one like violet???

message 12: by Alejandra (new)

Alejandra (alejandraporras) sure just choose

message 13: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) jake!!!!!

message 14: by Alejandra (new)

Alejandra (alejandraporras) okay jakes with the gray hair.

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

anyone wanna make cherry a guy?

message 16: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) *Dark Queen* wrote: "okay jakes with the gray hair."


message 17: by Alejandra (new)

Alejandra (alejandraporras) ♫ Emo_Luva ♫ wrote: "anyone wanna make cherry a guy?"

Do you want Ryan?

message 18: by Alejandra (new)

Alejandra (alejandraporras) Can someone make a guy for my girl?

message 19: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) me?

message 20: by Alejandra (new)

Alejandra (alejandraporras) anyone it doesnt matter.

message 21: by Dusty (last edited Sep 04, 2010 07:30PM) (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) Name: derek
Age: 17
Gender: F
Apperance: shaggy black hair piercing green eyes tall muscular
Personality: protective
Crush: Linda
Other: violets brother

message 22: by Alejandra (new)

Alejandra (alejandraporras) i think u should make ur characters older?

message 23: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) ok i will for derek but not violet shes gnna b a aaaaad girl

message 24: by Alejandra (new)

Alejandra (alejandraporras) okay

message 25: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) XD

message 26: by Alejandra (new)

Alejandra (alejandraporras) lol

message 27: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) lol

message 28: by Alejandra (new)

Alejandra (alejandraporras) haha

message 29: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) yayayay

message 30: by Alejandra (new)

Alejandra (alejandraporras) okay so im going to switch up the character im going to make jake ryan and lydia brothers and sister,

message 31: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) kk

message 32: by Alejandra (new)

Alejandra (alejandraporras) for sure

message 33: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) XD

message 34: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) rp on the GROUP that SHALL never DIE

message 35: by Alejandra (new)

Alejandra (alejandraporras) oh yeah sorry

message 36: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) sokay and u to zayy???

message 37: by Alejandra (new)

Alejandra (alejandraporras) can someone make a girl for ryan or someone tht doesnt have guy can rp with him?

message 38: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) wanna rp in the group that shall never die romance rp zayy??

message 39: by [deleted user] (last edited Sep 05, 2010 11:14AM) (new)

*gasp! *

sry had to say tht

message 40: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) lol

message 41: by Evon (new)

Evon (evonn_xo) | 72 comments NAME: Morgan Kinnen
AGE: 17
GENDER: Female
APPEARANCE[picture link or description]:

PERSONALITY: Morgan is super popular, rich, spoiled, and a slut. She is a total flirt and is bisexual.

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

*gasp! *

She's bi?!?!?!?

message 43: by Evon (new)

Evon (evonn_xo) | 72 comments hell yeah. i think the story needed a twist? and shes secretly a prostitute. xD

message 44: by Darkling (new)

Darkling (deideidarkling) Can i jump in?

message 45: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) yup

message 46: by Quackyduck (new)

Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Evon wrote: "hell yeah. i think the story needed a twist? and shes secretly a prostitute. xD"


message 47: by Evon (new)

Evon (evonn_xo) | 72 comments ~quit~

message 48: by Quackyduck (new)

Quackyduck  (quackyduck) No, I'm just saying maybe it should be something all of the characters can interact with.

message 49: by Evon (new)

Evon (evonn_xo) | 72 comments Quackyduck (Cupcake girl!) wrote: "No, I'm just saying maybe it should be something all of the characters can interact with."

nahh i wanna quit

message 50: by Darkling (last edited Sep 05, 2010 06:07PM) (new)

Darkling (deideidarkling) Name: Zeera
age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Calm, kind, Sweet, curious
Crush: Open
Other: She loves animals, reading, writing, painting, dirt-biking, racing, cooking, and music

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